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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Celebrate June!

 While cleaning my files I found a folder full of fun and silly reasons to make your day a special day ... things to celebrate ... every day ... any day. I remember having some fun with these years ago, using some of these ideas for a while before forgetting about them. I've found a few more and thought they'd be a fun addition to the blog. Some of these are quite ridiculous, but several are great for family fun, for preschool fun, for party fun, or just for fun!
Happy Celebrating!
Birthstone is Pearl, Alexandrite, Moonstone (meaning Health and Longevity)
Flower of the month is the Rose & Honeysuckle
- Nat'l Rose Month
- Nat'l Dairy Month
- Aquarium Month
- Candy Month
- Corn and Cucumber Month
- Lemon and Mango Month
- Country Cooking Month
-1st week is Fishing Week
- 1st Saturday thru Sunday week is International Clothesline Week
- 2nd week is Email Week
- 3rd week is Old time Fiddlers Week
- Last weekend Thursday to Sunday is Watermelon Seed Spitting Week
- 1st Friday is Nat'l Doughnut Day
- 1st Saturday is Turtle Races Day
- 3rd Sunday is Father's Day
- American Zoo Day, first zoo (Philadelphia Zoo) opening in 1874 
- Flip a Coin Day
- Nat'l Go Barefoot Day 
- 3-Ring Circus Day / PT Barnum's circus began first tour of US in 1835
- National Egg Day
- Applesauce Cake Day 
- Drive-In Movie Day (first one in 1933)
- Nat'l Yo-Yo Day
- Nat'l Chocolate Ice Cream Day 
- Best Friends Day
- Nat'l Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day
- Donald Duck Day
- Herb and Spice Day 
- Corn on the Cob Day 
- Red Rose Day
- Sewing Machine Day
- Nat'l Peanut Butter Cookie Day
- Flag Day
- Sandpaper Invented (1834)
- Pop Goes The Weasel Day
- Nat'l Photography Day
- Smile Power Day
- Nat'l Fudge Day
- No Orange Clothes Day
- Lady and the Tramp released in 1955
- Fresh Veggie Day
- Eat Your Vegetables Day
- Go Fishing Day
- International Picnic Day
- Eat an Oreo Day
- First Day of Spring
- Nat'l Ice Cream Soda Day
- Nat'l Vanilla Milkshake Day
- Summer Solstice / Finally Summer Day
- Go Skateboarding (or Skate) Day
- Nat'l Chocolate Eclair Day
- Nat'l Pink Day
- Pink Flamingo Day (plastic lawn ornament type)
- Swim a Lap Day
- Helen Keller's Birthday (b1880)
- Sun Glasses Day
- Camera Day
- Waffle Iron Day


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Finished Files

Something I had in my file cabinet -
 Have a Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Yarn Ball Decor ... Fun!

Lovin' this look from Inspired by This

Great table setting! 

yarn balls bunched above the table 


yarn balls in ... um ... old sinks ... right? 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Baby Shower Decor

This is an adorable baby laundry line - paper garland from Pebbles in my Pocket
 Maybe you'd rather have the real things hanging on a cloths line?
From Confetti Studio


Sunday, May 26, 2013


Words which do not give the light of Christ increase the darkness.
- Mother Teresa


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Centerpieces with Photos

Go Frameless!
This is a fun way to display photos, especially for centerpieces or show cases at a wedding, anniversary party, or family reunion.   Show off the special couple or other special people in our lives.
Candle stick photo holders - From One Charming Party
thanksgiving centerpiece crafts
(Note: I also love the color of these pumpkins and the look all together)
Painted Bottle Photo Holders in whatever color you choose  - From Eighteen25

The bottle displays could also be the yarn or twine wrapped look, like these from Wed Loft
imagine a cork in these displaying a photo. 

Clothes Pins on a Dowel in a Jar - From Green Bride Guide.
Imagine one or two of these in the vases above.
These could even be mixed in with flowers in the jar / vase ...
This from Make and Takes shows us how it might look with clothes pins on dowels stuck into flower arrangements. 
Picture Centerpiece
Use a chunk of log - From Green UpGrader.
Switch out the J O Y for photos.
handmade moss centerpieces
This isn't for a table display, but it's a fun look
Hanger Photo Hanger ;) - From Rustic Crafts
creative picture frames

Daily Bits of Love

7 Days of Love from Tip Junkie - Fun idea for a pill box.
This looks like a fun idea.  I especially like it for a quick little send away for my family members not living close by - like my sons serving missions in different states.  It could be a fun pick-me-up or just a little love from home each day.  
One thing I did, at least once, was to send an empty box with a note that said we filled it with hugs and kisses for him, so when he opened it up they would jump right out at him.  That could be the cute note in one of the days.

7 Days of Love {Relationships}

Friday, May 24, 2013

A Lovely Wedding

A Lovely Wedding to remember from Martha Stewart Weddings
Such beautiful color in this backdrop.
here is a close up
The beautiful bouquet
These cute burlap bags contained confetti - or black sunflower seeds to toss.
The sign in was a table cloth that guest signed and then later the couple could later embroider the names.  Awesome huh!

Outdoor Weddings

Beautiful Outdoor Weddings
 Weddings by Lilly shows several Outdoor Weddings - here are only 3 from that post.
I really like the lace overlay on the tablecloth.  Brilliant pop of color too.
Chandeliers are always awesome - indoors or outdoors.  The candlesticks/candles, flowers, and all sorts of beautiful things lined up in the center of the table helps make this a lovely look.
I'm sure I've shown this one before, but I LOVE a soft draped tent or canopy, and this one is lovely.
Love the hanging lights here at Society Bride.  They remind me of shooting stars - perfect to make a wish on. 

I love lights, and these are strung around on poles in the ground. Awesome - all we need are poles!  (and lights) 
From Reference Wedding Decoration

outdoor wedding decorations ideas


Candle light always make a wedding look lovely and romantic.  Here are a couple looks with clusters of candles from Wedding DécorThey would look lovely in an outdoor setting, especially in the darker part of the evening when more light is needed.

Large Candle Centerpieces

 I'm sure this photo is not outside, but it sure would look nice outside.  So Lovely!  Vintage luggage is always great!  This is awesome color too.  From HERE

Sheer curtains tied back with a bouquet of flowers makes a lovely look.  From Wedding Elation, where you'll find several other great outdoor looks with chandeliers.

Isn't this a beautiful backdrop, from vivify
Amazing Outdoor Wedding Decorations Inspiration4

 How about this look? From The Knot
Idea - Rent some furniture and set up lounge areas around the yard.
 A fixture on the ranch already, the outdoor lounge was a perfect rest area for the couple's guests.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Guest Books ...

 C.R.A.F.T. shares 28 unique guest book ideas.
Here are a few of my favorites.
First letter of your last name. 
If you need more space use the first letters of each name =
 Husband & Wife
sign in book
This is a beautiful look for the wedding, and I'm sure the cards could then be kept in a beautiful box.
guest book
A slice of wood could be just the right thing for some.
guest book
Maybe a globe would be the right fit for some.
guest book ideas
What do you like?  What do you do?  Maybe a puzzle put together for guests to sign, or not put together, and let them sign individual pieces.

Bottle Top Candles and MORE!

Have you seen these pop cap candles?
There is a great tutorial at The Junk Nest
Of course, they can be any color. 
(Draft Magazine said they should burn about 1.5 hours each.)
Or how about this cap?
This look is from here ...
Mixology - Recycled B-Lights Soy Candles 6 Pack Unscented Tea Lights, Upcycled Wine, Liquor Bottle Caps, Organic, Vegan
and they also have an orange peel candle.
Image description
shall we keep going?
How about candles in sea shell?  Imagine these scattered everywhere.  Lovely!
There are several more candle ideas at Recycle Reuse Renew Mother Earth Projects
So much fun!
(she has the bottle caps too, and many other things, including Altoids tins!)

I've seen them in tea cups (here and here), but here they are in candy dishes and dessert cups and goblets - from Frugal Living
Homemade Container Candles
There are many more fun ideas at Craftionary.
decorative candles

Oh my!  What can I put candle wax in to make a beautiful candle?

How about making a beautiful candle with just wax - but you must also have a water balloon.
Learn how to do this at doorknob
diy candle making project

Don't wanna make em? 
Then just decorate a tea light with washi tape like these from Lebenslustiger

I do love candle light!

Glow in the Dark Party Decor

Glow Stick Lighting and other fun glow stick décor from Grey Grey Designs

These ideas could work with the backyard party I found a while ago with a similar theme.  Check them out at  It's Party Time Again.

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