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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bottle Top Candles and MORE!

Have you seen these pop cap candles?
There is a great tutorial at The Junk Nest
Of course, they can be any color. 
(Draft Magazine said they should burn about 1.5 hours each.)
Or how about this cap?
This look is from here ...
Mixology - Recycled B-Lights Soy Candles 6 Pack Unscented Tea Lights, Upcycled Wine, Liquor Bottle Caps, Organic, Vegan
and they also have an orange peel candle.
Image description
shall we keep going?
How about candles in sea shell?  Imagine these scattered everywhere.  Lovely!
There are several more candle ideas at Recycle Reuse Renew Mother Earth Projects
So much fun!
(she has the bottle caps too, and many other things, including Altoids tins!)

I've seen them in tea cups (here and here), but here they are in candy dishes and dessert cups and goblets - from Frugal Living
Homemade Container Candles
There are many more fun ideas at Craftionary.
decorative candles

Oh my!  What can I put candle wax in to make a beautiful candle?

How about making a beautiful candle with just wax - but you must also have a water balloon.
Learn how to do this at doorknob
diy candle making project

Don't wanna make em? 
Then just decorate a tea light with washi tape like these from Lebenslustiger

I do love candle light!

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