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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wedding Decor

This wedding is inspired by Anne of Green Gables, and I love that movie.  We have seen it a few times - though it's been awhile.  I think we better watch it again.   Anyway, these are some great wedding decorations I found from Green Wedding Shoes

First picture is the wedding cakes and the lovely cloth they are on and even lovelier canopy surrounding them.  A sweet and peaceful look. The colors are delightful too.

This mini individual carrot cake is a rather cute idea too. 

Here are some hoops with lace, hung from the trees - they add a special look as the sun shines on and through them. 

Possibly my favorite of the event is the centerpiece - candlesticks topped with teacups filled with candles.  I would love to see this lit up in the evening.  I might add a few tea lights on the wood platform they are on so that it would help the tea cups glisten a bit more.  I guess I'd have to see if it really worked.  It is awesome in my mind, but not always do things turn out the way my mind views them. 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Food Stuff

This looked like something fun to make and eat.
We did try them and they were good.  We've made them a couple times in fact. 
From Sweet Pea's Kitchen
I'd like to try this Coconut French Toast from Inspired by Charm. He says it's easy - "Just make french toast as you normally would. After dipping the bread into your egg mixture dip it into a plate of shredded coconut, then put it on your griddle. It's that simple! I also added a drop of coconut extract to my egg mixture to really bring out the flavor." 

And these Hashbrown Waffles, also from Inspired by Charm
(He doesn't share the recipe in this post, but says he will later)

How about some french fries and ketchup?  These cute things are from Bake at 350.  Don't they look great?  She tells you how she does it.
These Turkey Ranch Club Wraps from Skinny Moms Kitchen looks so delicious.

More Lace and Ribbon

It's plain to see that I love lace and ribbon.  I keep finding it!
A Princess Bride Inspired Shoot From Style Me Pretty

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Re-Purposing a Few Items

What to do with an old potato masher and a couple bread pans ???  UM!!!  Well, how about a carrier of sorts ... a tote ...?  Idea from Mamie Jane's

Look what a can of spray paint can do to cardboard (or the like).
Isn't this crazy cool!  From HERE and HERE.
I've seen the flowers made with paper towel roll, but this project is pretty cool.

Paint Something

Elmer's glue and food coloring mixed together and painted on glass can apparently create this look I found on Pinterest.
I've not tried this yet, but I have a few previous posts showing other ways to color glass. 
Some day maybe I'll need these looks and try one or more of these options. 
Those previous posts are -

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 I always love the idea of spray painting.
There is a Quick Guide to Spray Painting Glass at Dishfunctional Designs.

And try Krylon's thediyclub and scroll down for several things Pretty In Paint.

Another post about spray painting - from Centsational Girl.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Are these painted? They look like they could be spray painted white.
It's a lovely look non-the-less. Such cute and delicate colors and flowers.
From 79 ideas
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Here's a cute little unit - a shelf of bottles. Now, that sounds crazy, just look at the big cupboard that those cute little shelves are on! I like it too, but I have one of these little shelves with bottles and drawers in my laundry room ... it holds buttons. I saw this look from My Scrap Room
then this look from Kara's Party Ideas
Here is what mine looks like. Notice the little shelf above it too - just a row of bottles.
They are handy little units. Maybe someday I'll refinish them and love the look even more. Hmmm! What Color?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Info on How to Paint Over Varnish could be helpful sometime. It sounds so easy.
           From Smashed Peas and Carrots.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now, take a look at this Awesome Paisley Table from Domestic Imperfection ...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I have an bedside table/night stand much like the one in this next photo. Mine is a little less boxy and has a bit more detail (groves/layers) that make it a bit trickier. I've been toying with the idea of painting mine a gray, blue, or white distress look. I've been too worried to start the project because I am not sure how the finished project will look, I'm not sure it will be worth the many hours of work for every piece, and I have a hard time thinking that I want to destroy the original look. I have the whole bedroom set (two night stands, headboard, foot board, dresser, chest of drawers with a large heavy wall mirror) so it's a big project. It was my mother and father's set first - so it's also a bit sentimental ... ya, I do that!
I'm saving this look from Restore Interiors so that maybe it can help me make up my mind someday. 
 I found another night stand much like the one above, and a little more like mine, though still different ...   It gives the look of a different color.  It's from Jordyn Luise Blog.
 You'll find a picture of mine in previous posts:
In the second photo here - used as wedding decor, and
in this post here - beside my bed. 

Oh! To Paint ... or Not To Paint?  That is the question!?!?!?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

4th of July Centerpiece / Pinwheels

I like this look from Let's Celebrate.
Pinwheels are a great look, and these seem to add a aged look that fits the 4th of July/Independence Day.

Star Garland/Banner and 4th of July Picks

This is a great 4th of July decoration idea - it's only one week away.
This star garland made with paint chips could be a quick fix for decorating.
See how to make this cute banner at Sweeter Than Sweets

Wooden Tags

I love the look of these wooden tags from Hans Creations  - an Etsy shop with the DIY look you might like to purchase instead of doing it yourself.  That's kinda what Etsy is for.  I just need a reason to purchase sometimes ... hope one comes up so I can get these ... :)

Wouldn't they be great with a saying on them for favors?  OR, Just tying one to any package would look awesome - maybe my Christmas Look this year will have to include these????  Thinking !!!

Just love the LOOK!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Map Bunting / Garland

I cut several sizes of triangle shapes out of maps for buntings and then wondered what would be the best way to string them together.  I decided to check online for ideas and found a few -  I liked so many.  Here is what I found:

Twine thru punched holes from beachcomber

I really liked this look of round cut sections of map held with mini clothes pins from Desire Empire.  I still had more maps, so I decided to add some round cut map bunting too.

There were a few etsy shops that have map bunting -
this small one looks like it's folded over bakers twine

this one is sewn onto ribbon

and these round cut map pieces are just sewn with a zigzag stitch

This rounded bunting from See Kate Sew looks folded too - like they folded a circle in half over twine.

This shape adds a great look to the map bunting.  It comes from HERE
It is easy to see that they added a double sided tape and folded it over twine.

I was too late to fold my bunting since I had already cut it out, but I would like to remember that another time. 


I used a few of the above ideas to finish my project.
I punched holes and used an ecru color bakers twine type string for the largest one, light blue bakers twine for the one strung with the largest bunting, and the round and smaller triangles were easily zig-zag stitched together on my sewing machine to make a garland - that was easy!    I wish I had done another one or two, but ran out of time - I'm still happy with it all.

The sewing machine stitch is the easiest, and I really liked that look, but the hole punch with twine made it much easier to place the papers closer together or farther apart as needed.  I did cut out more shapes to add a back to each - I should have checked online ideas before I started so I could just fold them over, but I do like that the maps are all right-side-up and readable on both sides instead of upside down on one side.

I used this map bunting for a mission farewell luncheon for my son.
The full party look can be found HERE on it's own post.


Mission Farewell Lunch Party

The Look!
The Serving Area -

We served Nachos!  Guests brought desserts ... delicious deserts!  The drink was cold water served in bottles I had purchased a year ago (somewhere from an online store), some with lemon slices.
We enjoyed the company!  (I think we had 43 people come.)
Thanks to our family and friends for joining us on this special occassion!

The Tables -
I stacked two small pieces of luggage from Amazon and The Land of Nod on the center of each table.  I collected old ties we had stuck away in the closets and made some paper flags for each table with sayings on them.  Added mints and Jelly Bellies for a finishing touch and guest pleaser - I think it worked because all but on of the bowls was empty.

An Extra -
At the last minute I created a poster using a map of Nevada, a map tie (I found searching online again) and other paper and items I had in my scrapbook and crafting supplies.  I put out a couple pieces of paper for guests to sign if they desired.

Congratulations to our son - heading to the MTC
27 June 2012!
Nevada Reno Mission


Monday, June 25, 2012

Lovely Fabric Flowers - The Home Sewn Style

These are so adorable.  SnowyBliss has some great looks! 
She hasn't posted for a while, but the posts she did earlier are still great.
She shares a tutorial on how to make them.

Fabric Covered Books

Learn how to cover books with fabric at I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar

Fabric and Plastic Draped from Ceiling

I like the look of this fabric draped on rods hung from the ceiling.  If you love a canopy bed, but don't want to buy a new bed, maybe this would do the trick.  I pinned it one time on Pinterest from HERE.

Here is another fun false ceiling, only it's not fabric - it's plastic table cloths from a dollar store. 
This is a fun and colorful look - and it is probably a lot cheaper than fabric.  
I found this on Pinterest

Fabric Behind Glass Doors

Fussy French has a photo of fabric behind glass doors that I really like.  I have fabric stored on shelves behind no door ... well it's in my laundry room behind a laundry room door, but open to dust and not half as beautiful as this photo is. 
Oh! such a lovely look isn't it?  Maybe it's the colors of fabric that add to the loveliness of the look, but it is so appealing to me ... whatever the reasons.

Fabric isn't really meant to be kept behind glass doors though ... or is it?  There are a few other posts that show some great uses for fabric.

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