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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chair Wraps

I think I have always thought if one chair was decorated every chair needed something, but this photo proves that not so.  From The Idea Room

Crayons in Clay Pots

I thought these little cups of crayons were so cute.  Children always need something to help entertain themselves during weddings and other events where the adults want to spend time together.  A cute table set up just for kids ... including this look would be great. From Style Me Pretty

See this previous post too:
A Place for the Children

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fabric Flower Bouquet

Beautiful !!

Peach and Gold Tones

These colors always catch my eye.  This lovely setting from Style Me Pretty is beautiful.  I do love the look ... the backdrop, the cake, the color ....

And the favors are perfect - cookies wrapped in assorted peach and gold fabrics, displayed on white or gold tiers. 

These colors seem to be ever popular for more than just my eye.  They show up quite often.  Here is a board from The Finer Things using those, or similar color tones.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


These tags are so sweet! From Two Shades of Pink
Here are some tags with cute color - they include snowflakes, but those could become doilies quite easily.  From Paper, Scissors, and SuperHeroes

From Creature Comforts comes this cute packaging idea.  The tags add simple color and style to this bag.  It's a great way to add the colors of the special occasion.
There is an Etsy shop  - Owlbot - with cute tags (I'm not affiliated in anyway - just like the look).  The tags may not be as cute as the paper used to wrap the stacks and the yarn used to tie them.  So cute.  Each tag wrapped in some cute colorful paper and tied with some cute colorful yarn would be a great overall look.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Ceiling Tins Repurposed

I remember a look I saved earlier - a fence using tin tiles.  I really liked the look and I've always liked the look of ceiling tins. 
This site had several looks and I wanted to remember it - so here it is:
Dishfunctional Design with Embossed Tin Ceiling Tiles: Recycled & Repurposed

One of the many looks she shares is this magnet board

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Race Against Sin ... Envy

Image is a quote page I made to display in my home.
Quote comes from this message given by Jeffrey R. Holland.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Yard Sticks to the Rescue ...

Too many yard sticks laying around?  Probably not, but collecting them for this project might be kinda fun.   This Drum Table Rescue is from Life on Walnut Street

After I found this on Sarah's blog I wondered what others might be doing with yard sticks, so I went to Pinterest ... wow ... there are several things.  Here are a few several ....

First up are some quite similar to this first drum table, but I wanted to remember the look:
A square table from Country Living

Cut the sticks like this from HERE

Or completely cover a dresser like this HERE

I saw some stairs with yardsticks, like this one from DesignSponge

There were some shelving and cubby units made with yardsticks like these:
For books, containers, drawer pulls, or wall hooks - from My Sweet Savannah

Drawer organizers like this from Lady Goats, which was inspired by something from Pottery Barn

A box or crate from Seven Sisters

Here is a light shade from Apartment Therapy

A yardstick tray from Mamie Jane's

After checking all these from Pinterest I took a look on google search and found some of the same items, but also this one interesting post from Dishfunctional Designs.  It too, has some of the same items, but it has a several others that are quite fun to see and maybe even try.  No photos are added from that sight, just have to take a look at their post - You Rule! Yardsticks and Rulers Upcycled - it will be worth it.

So, where's a yardstick when you need one? or ten? or twenty, or more?


Friday, May 25, 2012

Graduation Party Decor Ideas

Graduation is next week - I've got some cramming to do! I like these graduation decor ideas like this stack of books (no DIY) from Celebrations.

Personalized photo clipboard DIY HERE.

Good Luck Jar HERE.

DIY for Book Page Flowers HERE

Book pages are great to use for decor, like shown in a previous post, Just Gotta Love a Good Book....  I might incorporate book pages ... maybe!

I also like this idea of letting the books tell a message, (found in the last photo on this previous post). Several messages could be told with books.

I think I'll use these Rolo Pencils ... I saved the look in a previous post ... and they'd work great for graduation.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Outdoor dining

This color and look really does appeal to me.  I love the sea green, the distress, the luggage, even the dirt and the sagebrush make this setting look good.  From Green Wedding Shoes

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Colorfilled Party

This is a cute party with a little more color than the previous post.  I'm loving these bright and cheery colors right now
from Kara's Party Ideas

Look at the ribbon on that serving spoon, and the cake with those great colored crystals - made from rock candy on a string.

I love these straws, and the combined colors are so cute.

Pink take out boxes with charming tags and ribbons.

Pretty Little Picnic Party

This country picnic is so cute and even dainty.  From Kara's Party Ideas.I love the bunting!  I love the little paper and lace flags on the cake!  The buckets and boxes wrapped in Kraft paper or burlap or linen adds just the right touch.

Sweet little sandwiches wrapped in paper.   And those little waffle cookies tied with twine ... So Cute!

Fun jars of pudding (I'm guessing it's pudding).  So soft!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pink Dessert

This pretty pink dessert is from Home Cooking For Six + 1

Strawberry Cream Dessert

Silhouettes and Buntings

The first things I noticed with this wedding was the use of Silhouettes ... and I loved that look. 
Then I noticed the buntings ... and I love that look. 
And rock candy always intrigues me ... I love that look too.   
The little note flags on the sticks adds a wonderful and personal touch. Great favors!
I'm also intrigued with the centerpieces ... cake on each table ... dessert is served! Awesome!
The colors are great ... it's a look to save! 
This look is from 100 Layer Cake

Monday, May 21, 2012

Love Notes and Tiny Bottles

Love Notes and Tiny Bottles fit nicely together with this look from Etsy.  I think this is a great idea.  With just the right saying, they would make great favors.  They look like they'd be easy enough to make.

I have posted about other love notes in a bottle here.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hardships Shape Character...

Image is a quote page I made to display in my home.
Quote, with it's full message, is from HERE

Along the same theme is this great quote I found from Inspired By Charm

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