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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Couple Blue Backdrops

Birds on Blue from Emmaline Bride


When I first saw this I thought it was white stencil flowers or scrolls on the blue stripes. I took a longer look and found it was simply shadow and sunshine from the trees. 
I'm sorry that I can't find this site - the link I saved was somehow broken - sorry if it is my fault - I'll keep my eyes open for where I found it and come back and give the correct source.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Efforts ... Direction

Image from HERE

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One teacher shared the following analogy: “I have learned a great lesson from the letters of the alphabet. … We can repeat them frontwards or backwards, but when we do they have little meaning because they have not been put together with purpose and direction. When we put them together with real purpose and direction the result is sacred hymns, the scriptures, great poetry and prose, wonderful songs, and so on. As it is in the letters of the alphabet, so it is in our lives. … Action is important, but we need to have the right kind of action—purposeful action
(William H. Bennett, in Conference Report, Tonga Area Conference 1976, 15).
This quote was taken from HERE

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For more info about the bookmark on the above personal image see
Daughters in My Kingdom

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Goo Be Gone, and ...

I found this idea at Krafty Kat

Imagine that! 
She also lists 20 other uses for Baby Oil for too.
I did used to use it for my eye makeup remover many years ago, but eventually I decided that I didn't like the oily feel it seemed to leave in my eyes.

I keep adhesive remover in my kitchen drawer for the stickers and labels I want to remove, they are the pads we get from Apria (health care supplies) for hubbies Hickman Line dressing removal.

Those adhesive removers, nice as they are, don't work as well as some others I have found - that's why they are tucked under the sink for non-skin use. Oh, they work nice for taking the leftover band aid sticky off the skin, but not removing the large dressing over a Hickman Line.

 I know I spend too much on others I do like, (shhh! don't tell hubby, cause he won't like to know they are more expensive and he might make me stop) but at least it helps take that bandage off his skin without as much discomfort (I can tell ... brave as he is ... it's not a big difference, but there is one - shhh! don't tell him that either). 

I wonder what the doctors would say if I started using Baby Oil to remove the dressing/bandage?


Here is a great cleanser I found from Food.com
Tub and Shower Magic
We tried this cleanser and liked it - there is a *strong smell as you work with it but it works great -  just open a window ... it's worth it! 
*We did use it in two bathrooms at the same end of the house, at the same time, so we were pretty much asking for it.


Years ago ... many years ago ... in a different home ... we needed a strong cleanser to help us clean up a bathroom that just wouldn't smell clean no matter what cleanser I used.  I found a cleanser recipe in a magazine and tried it.  I was amazed at the difference.  I have kept that recipe and used it on occasion.  I share with you today.

1/2 cup plain ammonia
1/4 cup white vinegar
2 TB. baking soda
2 quarts warm water


Isn't vinegar a wonderful thing?  It works wonders on hard water stains and does so much more.  Just don't use it to try to remove color on anything, because it sets in color - like with Easter Egg dye.
I used to mix it with some water and pour it over my hair just after I washed it, to help remove any soap scum.  Of course this wasn't daily, but on occasion, especially the day before a perm.

I found a web site that has a long list of uses for Vinegar - one I want to remember - Vinegar Tips - maybe you'll find it interesting too.  Be sure to click on each page - there are many ideas for each - garden, cleaning, laundry, health, automotive, pets, cooking. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's Party Time Again

Whatever the occasion, party time is a great time.  
No matter how many times we see a great party, there is still another great one out there.


A great night time party can be found at The Purple Pug
Of course I love the tent or canopy and the glow in the dark things are great.


I have not seen this done, but if I do a night time party I wanna remember to try glow sticks in balloons like this I found on google search.  Or maybe little LED lights would work.


The Hungry Catepillar made of balloons from HERE


Speaking of a hungry catepillar - check out Hello Naomi for her cute party.


There are a few train parties out there in blogland too!
Here is one from Hostess With The Mostess

and this from nickwilljack


Here is a great look from Little Miss Parties


Kommunicated has a cute little gold fish favor bag and other fun ideas in her fishing party post.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Backdrops and More

This great backdrop and some flowers in a box is from Elizabeth Anne Designs


This backdrop is a fun look - from Green Wedding Shoes


Here we have a lace tablecloth backdrop and a great outdoor lounge area from Ruffled


Another backdrop - from Celebrating Everyday Life - it's a shower curtain and it looks good!


Look at this wrapped tree - kinda fun!  From HERE

Here is a great looking fabric backdrop from Kara's Party Ideas


Here is a bright and colorful party from Kara's Party Ideas.
It's a cheery candy shop for sure.


Here are some tassels that will catch your eye for sure - from Home Decor Products

That look is very much like this look


Seeing spots?  Circles everywhere at this wedding from Style Me Pretty
This, to me, makes a great birthday look. 
I couldn't leave out the last photo here, with the polka dot hanky in the man's suit pocket - cute stuff. 


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cute Quilts

Just look at this quilt I saw on Pinterest - Isn't it sweet?!?!?!

This one is from Pinterest too.  I really like strips.

And one more from Pinterest - more strips.

Red Pepper Quilts is a quilting blog with some awesome quilts like these next three -

Red Pepper Quilts also has an Etsy shop where she sells quilts and patterns.

There are so many cute quilts out there!
I think I should try my hand at making one.  I'll add it to my TO DO list!!!!


Sewing Room / Wall

This is a great wall for fabric.
From Grossomodo

Monday, July 23, 2012

Jello Cookies and Mini Pies

Jello Cookies make a lovely color.
I'm gonna try these some time.
Recipe from I Heart Nap Time

Mini Pies - individual servings - a fun look.
Sweet Tarts from Bakerella

Portia's Paper Passion

Portia creates beautiful things with paper. 
Check them out at Portia's Paper Passion  (facebook)
(update - Portia's Paper Passion Blog)

Paint Chip Bookmarks

Look at these great paint chip bookmarks or tags - gotta love those stamps!
This look comes from Splitcoast Stampers
We have seen a similar look - Not Just a Paint Chip

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