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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Black and White

The trays lined with paper, ribbon, and lace are beautiful. Just a touch of seafoam color to this black and white pallet makes a beautiful display. The print, the bows, the lace ....
There is so much to look at here, and to taste ... I'd be for tasting those white chocolate covered mini oreos ... great idea.

This Vintage-Gothic Wedding Dessert Table is from Hostess with the Mostess

Sew Adorable Party

I love the bright and cheery colors of this party ... I love the buttons ... I love the spools ... I love it all !!! Check it out at Sweet Designs


These are nicely covered and decorated bales for seating.
Simply Bloom Photography

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oh My!

My first thought when I saw these photos were of course all about how beautiful the look was, but the very next thought was "I wonder how much this cost?"

Okay, so I'll never do this, but Oh My! How Beautiful is this!!!!!
Larger photos (that show the look in a more beautiful way) are found at Preston's Blog

This shot makes it seem more like a fairy tale come true.

Marble Jewelry

These look cool! I found them on pinterest and looked into it. Here's what I found from craftster.org

"These are marbles that I fried, well actually baked causing them to crack on the inside but still remain intact on the outside, so I glued end caps to them with starter rings and created some beautiful pendants. I was going to drill through them and make beads, but as we make mistakes we learn. I learned that I should probably drill the marbles before I crack them, otherwise they fall apart when trying to drill through cracked glass."

"It's really quite easy the best method I found for getting the most cracks is to bake the marbles on a cookie sheet at about 325 - 350 for 20 minutes, as soon as you take them out of the oven put them in a metal bowl or sink of cold water and ice. I used plain marbles usually found in the floral department of crafting stores. Any colored marble will work as long as it is translucent, the marbles that are fully colored like toy marbles are kind of useless because the cracks won't show up. This also works with glass stones."

A Lovely Attraction

For some reason I have been attracted to the pink and gold color pallet lately.
I have posted some pink and gold in earlier posts,
but I've seen a few more and really love that look.

Beautiful Glistening Pink from Zenadia Design

Sweet favors from I Do ... One Day!

From Sweet Designs

Check out Martha Stewart for a pink and gold gallery

A pink and gold table setting from The Enchanted Home

Streamer Garland from Brown Eyed Belle

This is sold, but lovely to look at - a pink and gold Damask Throw Pillow from Etsy

There is a great pink and gold Lady's Vanity but I couldn't copy the photo for my post. If you are into pink and gold, this could be your favorite - click on the link to view it.

And lastly, a beautiful pink and gold sky from flickr (Isn't it beautiful!)

I wonder what colors I'll be attracted to next? I can't hold on to pink and gold forever. A GREEN season is coming up - will that catch my eye?

Maybe I'll drop the pink and keep the gold ...
Just look at this gorgeous cake!
Pink would be beautiful with it, but so would a number of other colors.
I'd love to really see this cake ... not just a picture of it.
From Diva Entertains (There is a pink and gold cake on that post too.)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Timeline Garland

I like this look - the year with a photo ...
A time line garland from Ruffled

This would be cute with photos of the bride and groom through the growing up years, at a 50th anniversary using photos of the couple through the years, birthdays, etc.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

God's Hands

(from Spiritually Speaking)

"When we put our problems in God's hands, He puts His peace inner hearts."

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cupcake Towels or Towel Cupcakes

These are softly scrumptious looking.
Tea Towel Cup Cake Tutorial

How to Fix a Cracked Bowl

Just fill it with something precious and turn the cracked side to the back.
It worked for me! I love it! But then, the bowl itself and everything in it is especially loved by me.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Apple Pancake Topping

These look like what we call German Pancakes (and we like them), but we have never made the apple topping for them before. Recipe can be found at Pamela Smerker Designs

Bright and Beautiful Color

These photos come from 100 Layer Cake - They are such a joyful combination.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Find the DIY for these crepe paper streamers at Oh Happy Day

Ruffled crepe paper streamer DIY at made

Great Looks

Some Great Looks from 100 Layer Cake
The Cream wedding event

Twigs and flowers frame this opening in a beautiful way.

Doily balls

White and Gold garland

I love the Make a Bouquet idea

And More:
Simply gold garland

Tied Fabric strip garland and white hankys with beads

Yarn and rope garland

Lovely ceiling decor

A great kraft paper garland

A leafy canopy
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