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Friday, May 24, 2013

Outdoor Weddings

Beautiful Outdoor Weddings
 Weddings by Lilly shows several Outdoor Weddings - here are only 3 from that post.
I really like the lace overlay on the tablecloth.  Brilliant pop of color too.
Chandeliers are always awesome - indoors or outdoors.  The candlesticks/candles, flowers, and all sorts of beautiful things lined up in the center of the table helps make this a lovely look.
I'm sure I've shown this one before, but I LOVE a soft draped tent or canopy, and this one is lovely.
Love the hanging lights here at Society Bride.  They remind me of shooting stars - perfect to make a wish on. 

I love lights, and these are strung around on poles in the ground. Awesome - all we need are poles!  (and lights) 
From Reference Wedding Decoration

outdoor wedding decorations ideas


Candle light always make a wedding look lovely and romantic.  Here are a couple looks with clusters of candles from Wedding DécorThey would look lovely in an outdoor setting, especially in the darker part of the evening when more light is needed.

Large Candle Centerpieces

 I'm sure this photo is not outside, but it sure would look nice outside.  So Lovely!  Vintage luggage is always great!  This is awesome color too.  From HERE

Sheer curtains tied back with a bouquet of flowers makes a lovely look.  From Wedding Elation, where you'll find several other great outdoor looks with chandeliers.

Isn't this a beautiful backdrop, from vivify
Amazing Outdoor Wedding Decorations Inspiration4

 How about this look? From The Knot
Idea - Rent some furniture and set up lounge areas around the yard.
 A fixture on the ranch already, the outdoor lounge was a perfect rest area for the couple's guests.

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