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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ruffled Skirts

This cute skirt is from Sweetie Pie Bakery

"Mrs. Heaven"

Many years ago I was helping in one of the 2nd or 3rd grade classroom and one of the little boys kept calling me Mrs. Heaven. The teacher noticed it and corrected him after a few times and he apologized. I thought it was pretty sweet.
I have thought about that a few times since then and how kind and respectful this young boy was to me.

One of our children brought it up again yesterday and we all smiled and my heart was once again touched. I remember it with fondness and it always brings a smile to my heart.

It reminds me of how good people are and how important it is to be kind and respectful. It also reminds me to be pleasant so that if someone does once again call me Mrs. Heaven I will be worthy of the name.

(The image of those heavenly hearts above comes from HERE)

Just Gotta Love a Good Book! But are books really for reading?

Book pages for Wall Paper at Craftberry Bush

DIY for several ideas for books and pages here at Simply KellyB

Book pages help create the look on top this table from Love Wed Bliss

Book pages covering the table like this one from Pam Scott Photography.

Book Page Table Runner from BHG

Several other ideas for using book pages here too!

The couples favorites...given as favors. Maybe these books are for reading? From bridesmaid.com

Not for reading, but maybe for writing or sketching. Sketch book favors from Martha Stewart Weddings

Fabric Wrapped books, with guests names on the binding and a matching bookmark inside the book. This would be a great journal or sketch book idea. From amorologyweddings


Sheer ribbon and ??? What is that leafy garland with it? It's a nice and simple, clean look blowing in the breeze. Style Me Pretty

I like this look! Ruffled

The way the ribbon was tied together in smaller sections instead of one long section adds character.

A great way to add color. The Brides Cafe

Ribbons on chairs is a nice look that we see often. A few are found on this blog searching CHAIRS in the archives. This chair with green, tan, cream color ribbons is from Green Wedding Shoes

Easy way to add color to a solid table cloth. These were found on Etsy

Ribbon Wreath from flickr

DIY for Ribbon Wands from Hey Gorgeous

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Candy Pencil

Here is a Sweet Pencil!
Simpley J Studio

Paper and Pencil for A Grateful Heart

I am so glad that we have an easy and fast way to record things in writing. The fabulous pencil & paper way of doing things is still my favorite, though I do love the computer options too. But, what if the power is out or the Internet is down or I'm not by a computer? I still need paper and pencil! I keep a planner pretty close to me, a tablet and pen in my bag, and a notebook and pencil by my computer. Paper and pencil often serves as my memory.

For me, a fine point clicker pencil just can't be beat! Second best is a pencil sharpener to keep a regular pencil pin-point sharp. I like a fine point pen too! Colored pencils are pretty sweet! And crayons! And markers ... !

False Ceilings and Fabric Drapes

A Lowcountry Wedding has several ribbon streamer ideas.

In colorful sections. Green Wedding Shoes

Beautiful Pink and Black and White ceiling decor with lights at Marlyss and Stacey

So beautiful in the great outdoors. HERE

In barn (still trying to find the site for this)

Separating areas (still trying to find the site for this)

These next two say where they are from

Find more Fabric Ceilings at Alexan Events

Backdrops & Photo Booths

DIY for this Winter Wonderland at Ruche
Mixed Media Streamers

Yarn Balls

Fringed Garland Backdrop from 100 Layer Cake

In the Beautiful Outdoors Style Me Pretty

Such a beautiful outdoor decor from imgfave

The backdrop behind this table is simple and effective. 100 Layer Cake

Curtains on a rod in the yard at Style Me Pretty

Love the Look of this wall with old pages from books. FOUND

Old distressed wood panel. Ruffled

Bright and Cheery Blooming Backdrop at Martha Stewart

Sheer fabric on a wood frame. Green Wedding Shoes

Love the Look Hostess with the Mostess

More ribbon or ripped cloth at Every Last Detail

And more ripped fabric drapes from Pinterest

Beautiful ribbon and beads from Ruffled

DIY for this backdrop at 100 Layer Cake

Mylar Balloon Backdrop at Between Naps on the Porch

Fabric or quilt backdrops/screens. Green Wedding Shoes

More cloth dropped. Ruffled

From Postcards and Pretties.

Such a nice Look. Wedding Chicks

Fun Photo Wall! Ruffled

Saw this cute wall of frames on Pinterest
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