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Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Tonka Truck and Some Spray Paint

I Love Tonka Trucks!
Our boys pushed these big trucks around during a lot of their play time when they were younger. They don't look so great anymore, but I can't get rid of them.

Maybe someday I'll figure out a great place for them, but for now they wait patiently.
I wanted to give our granddaughter a dump truck this year, and really wanted a pink Tonka truck for her, but Tonka doesn't make a pink one.

Years ago they made this pink Tonka truck that now rests above the window in our office, having once belonged to someone in our family when he was a young child many, many years ago.  This is definitely Vintage!  ;)

I think this is a cool truck, but I wanted a big pink dump truck.
So ...,
I repurposed a yellow truck -


became this
pink, with a bit of purple!
Now hers won't get confused with her brothers.
The trickiest part was deciding where and how to paint it. It's pretty tricky to get around all those tight places.
My mind thought I could paint the bottom of the bucket purple and the inside pink.  Then I looked at the truck.
I couldn't find a good start and finish point for the two colors to meet up.
So ...,
I did the next best ..., easiest thing!

Spray paint worked fast and easy and this truck is ready for our little sweetie to push it around. 
Maybe we'll find jewels, food, or a doll getting a ride in it someday. 
Maybe my granddaughter will even get a ride in it!
It can happen!
It has many times before with gramma's dump truck.

Now, just as a side note - I googled pink Tonka dump trucks and found a bit of info - somebody out their might paint one for you.  

And another side note - I just saw this and had to come back and post about it  here, since this is about dump trucks -

Product Details
image found on amazon

I saw this in the window of the John Deere equipment store in a nearby town (Quincy) and decided that's what I want for Christmas! (The truck I saw in the window looked less plastic than this one, and really cool.)

I didn't go into the store, but I did tell Santa when he came out of the store.  Ya, but I don't think I'm gonna get it. 
And it has nothing to do with whether I've been bad or good!


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