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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Household Hints

I received an email last year with several household hints and ideas.  There was no info as to where these tips were found.  I might want to remember these some day - so I'm posting them here:

I found that this post I posted today had some technical issues - like the pictures weren't showing up.
Since the post is just pictures with words over them there was no way to know what the great ideas / household tips were.
Well, I got into my post to try to fix it and all of the pictures came up just fine, but somehow they were not showing in the post when it was published. 
I've re-saved the pictures in a new place and hope that fixes the problem  - if you see pictures, then you'll know that I was successful in my attempt.  If not, I apologize.
Just in case, I'm adding a description of each picture so that the ideas will survive.  :)

 To keep kids from falling out of bed, put a pool noodle under the fitted sheet (on top of the edge of the bed).
Use a staple remover to open/separate the key ring to add keys

Put a nylon over the end of the vacuum hose to find tiny items like earrings. 
Turn an old bottle into a simple cord holder, and hang it over the plug.
Toothpaste might clean up hazy car headlights???  Should try it! 
place a rubber band around a paint can to wipe the brush on and keep it off the side of the can.
cut paper towel rolls open and use them as a cuff to keep your wrapping paper tube rolled up.
For several years now, I have been using hair bands to hold my wrapping paper together. It works great, but it looks like toilet paper or paper towel rolls would too.
 I hope this post works now!

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