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Monday, May 13, 2013


 June is on it's way ... 
June used to be a big wedding month, but may be loosing it's popularity. 
It's still on my mind - so I've been checking out weddings.
I love the mismatch bridesmaid dresses.
I love the look, but it's also great for those girls that are hard to fit  (and I know a little bit about that!).

Check out the info at Green Wedding Shoes

non-matching bridesmaids dresses

This look is from Easy

mismatched bridesmaid dresses / Dress / Bridesmaid / Romantic /  tan /lace /blush  / Fairy / Dreamy / Bridesmaid / Party / wedding / Bride

Love patterned fabric too! Like this from Blissful Whimsy Events
Sometimes we worry about getting too many patterns in one place, but I love this look. The solid white flower bouquets seem perfect here.
There are several other photos there too, check it out.

and check out The Natural Wedding Company for looks like this one.

I've shown a few in the past - Colors shows about 4 looks I love.
There is also one here, and here.
And a couple more further down on this post, in the Fiesta Mexican Wedding info.


It's a funny word, but a fun look.

Purple ombre cakes like this, from Wedding Cake Pictures,

and more ombre here.

Ombre chandeliers from Bravo Bride

ombre wedding decorations

There are more great ombre looks at Green Wedding Shoes and 3D-Memoirs.

Other ombre looks I've seen include a cake, backdrop and more here, and individual cakes here,


Do you know what a Billy Button is? 
I've known the look, but not the name. They are those little round yellow flower balls.
Maybe I'll remember the name, but I will definitely remember the look - it's one I enjoy.
Another name for them is craspedia - that doesn't sound as fun though, and I'll certainly not remember it.

Billy Buttons are so fun! 

Here is one look from Stephmodo (there are a couple more there too).

You'll find a few at Green Wedding Shoes

billy button centerpieces

You'll see them in this bouquet here, and a couple here, and here, and in this wedding here, and you could make your own like the look in this post (10 pictures down).


Do ya love feathers?

 Green Wedding Shoes has some ideas for you if you do.

feather garland

A feather bouquet from Pink Tea Rose Events

Check out Emmaline Bride and Ruffled for more feathered weddings.


Fiesta / Mexican Style Weddings


This and other boards at Pixel & Ink

Oh my!  Look at this! Beautiful work! From Mexconnect

Table décor (and more)from here

and from here

Great banner called papel picado banners
in bright colors here


or white here (several in color here too)

and this cute bunting for a cake
from a great pinterest board

How about piñatas? Like these here
(other great looks here too)

Check out Burnetts Boards and Every Last Detail for more South of the Border ideas.


Coming soon:
Boho Weddings
Nautical Weddings
Vintage Weddings
Holiday / Seasonal Weddings
More ...


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