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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lovin' the Look!

Here is another great look from Celebrations at Home.
I love the natural and neutral colors and textures of this overall look.
The little details are eye catching and heart pinching.
I love the vintage look - it always appeals to me.
These come from this post
Notice the buttons in the cute metal tray or bowl or ...?... what is that?
Of course I love the old spools with the lace and string around them.
The yellow ball flowers (whatever they are called) are a great pop of color - not too much, not too little.
shabby chic shower centerpiece
I love the stemware!
And notice the little bouquets of baby breath in the spools at each place.
The stitched hearts in the hoops are a great addition.
shabby chic-vintage inspired table setting for a bridal shower
large spools - shabby chic bridal shower
spool chair garland - shabby chic bridal shower
The thread stand or ladder with spools is a fun look, as is the framed button heart art.
The hoop hanging on the knob and a banner strung across it with the fabric measuring tape is a fun idea.
The decanters with different colored drinks / juices (non-alcoholic of course) - notice the little tags added to each to show what is in them.
The balls of yarns in coordinating colors add a great touch.
The drink stirrers in the stemware are fun.
I love the potting urn on the bottom shelf of that great metal shelf.
the bar area - shabby chic bridal shower
party decor - shabby chic bridal shower
and these next photos come from this post
More of the same - natural and neutral colors and textures combined for a lovely look and feel.
The ruffled backdrop is just right.
shabby chic dessert table - bridal shower theme
here is a close up of that lovely adorned cake
ribbon & trim "cake" - shabby chic dessert table - bridal shower theme
and a close up of the basket and hoop under the table
shabby chic bridal shower
Love is always in fashion
What a great basket!
Love the wood drawers filled with little lovelies.
Great garland on the front of it.
Great flowers on the top of the trail mix jars.
shabby chic bridal shower
A close up of things in the drawer / shelf show some unseen things from the upper photo that are so lovely. 
shabby chic bridal shower
This is a great look!

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