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Monday, September 15, 2014

A Lovely Library

I am not really a reader but I love a beautiful library.  This library is one of those beautiful libraries that makes me wish I was a reader.

image from Ellison Bay Manor Library

I love the library balcony!  It looks lovely even though the shelves are empty - yet how much more lovely it would look if they were full.  I could even fill them with some antique china plates, goblets, and teacups/saucers, and anything else of that nature.  (insert sigh!)

The large windows add lovely light to this room too ... awesome!

And look again ..., is that a secret passage way?  That is way too cool and would be the highlight of the house for my children and grandchildren ..., and for me!!!!

Well, that's about all for this post.  I just wanted to pin it and I couldn't from it's original site, so I decided to post it first and pin it from here.  Take the tour at the Ellison Bay Manor if you wish.  There are some lovely looks there. 

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