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Monday, March 11, 2013

Colorful Looks

Spring can be quite colorful with the flowers blooming and Spring springing up everywhere.
Sometimes the spring colors inspire us to add more color to the areas we are living in or decorating.  Here are some lovely ways to add color and cheer.
The Design Files has a post with these great looks - using an assortment of color in tassels and chairs.


I love the look of this kitchen - I found this lovely look, and a few other colorful looks, from a post titled Pottery Display - Some Of My Favorites, at
Gold Country Girls


Wouldn't this be a cheerful place to visit - from House of Turquoise


Similar colors as above, but not so bold - a bit calmer to my soul.
from HERE


This collection of magazine holders, from here, is colorfully fun to look at. This whole corner is full of color.
I love my little drawers covered in paper, here. The colors are cheerful to be around.
I have used these types of magazine holders before and still have a few waiting to be used again if needed.  I might have to pull them out and find a place to use them so I can cover them in cute paper or fabric.


I still love bunting, and using bunting is an easy and fun way to add color to things and places. These three ideas come from Tatertots and Jello

Cute and colorful fabric bunting and adorable bunting cookies.

bunting on a bag will cheer up a loved one

bunting on a wall, over top of  some colorful pinwheels - imagine the colors you could use.


Here is some bunting made of colorful paper circles and white paper doilies, from Landee see Landee do.  She made this rainbow of colors for St. Patricks Day, but it would work equally nice for Easter or for birthdays, or any celebration of color.

 Color seem to add cheer and delight to any day.
Color can be so inspiring!

So ..., Spring ..., bring on the Color

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