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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Old Books RePurposed

I found this look on Etsy a while ago and loved the look. 

So when I was thinking about graduation decorations this came to the front of my mind and I wanted to create this look.

A good friend helped me shop for the books from thrift stores (because I have been somewhat homebound the last few weeks due to my husbands poor health), purchasing old hard bound books with ruffle-y edged papers.

I ripped off the covers and wrapped them with twine similar to what we see in the Etsy picture, but with my own touch of creativity, using what I had in my craft supplies.  I didn't worry about the bottom side of the books because they wouldn't be seen, but tried to make the sides and tops look the best.

You can see that a few of the books had some colored inside pages and we left those if they matched the colors we were using, but we only have a few because I really like the natural colors. 

I wrapped single books and stacks of two or three books together. 

I piled them as I thought looked best, sat a tea cup and saucer on the top of the stack and they became centerpieces for our tables.

We added some flowers and colored vases, bottles, and little heart ring dishes to complete the look on each table.

These items set atop a table cover made from vintage sheets (HERE).  I was really pleased with the look we created.

We used some on our food/buffet table too.

Now the books are boxed away in storage, but if I want I can pull them out and use them in my home décor somewhere.

The outside covers are stored away as well ..., just in case I need them for something later.   Oh Bother!  I have a hard time getting rid of things. 

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