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Friday, March 28, 2014


Here are some cute spring time adorable chicks and birds.
Maybe there is enough time to create a few of these before Easter.  

Fun little rattle chickadees from Etsy
Yellow chicks - Baby Toy Rattle Chick chicken- Babywearing - Crochet toy - Chicks for Easter Home decoration Ornament Easter weddings

Knitted cuteness :) - instructions at Woman's Day

free knitting templates


These cute chickens might be called dotpebbles - found at confetti



These were seen on Pinterest, from Etsy, but no longer available.
these chicken egg cozies #etsy #craft

If I could work magic, I could make cute chicks like these too!
But I don't knit or crochet. 

Maybe I could make these next felt chicks and birds. 

Keeping with the chick theme, these felt chicks from Myrtle and Eunice - more about how to make them.


And more cute little birds of the felt sort - from Petite Purls.

Lunch Sacks


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