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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Table Cloths

In the previous post about Pantries I showed this awesome tablecloth storage.
I don't know if I like the storage idea or the lace tablecloths best.  Both are awesome!
Here is another way to store table cloths.  I have seen this done before and have tried it myself, but don't continue doing it because I don't have the closet space for it.  I don't have this many table cloths either.  This closet from The Tablescaper looks lovely, and the other side of this closet is full of table cloths too.
Here is most of what I own. 
Not as beautiful or as easy to get to as the table cloths on the rolls.
Not as many or as nicely stored as the table cloths on the hangers.
They are however kept in zipper bags or clear boxes to keep them together and away from dust.  (That doesn't help with the wrinkles tough.) 
Most of the table cloths I own are for our round tables.  I have two sizes of white and one size of ivory (about 9 each size).   The things on the floor are top sheets that can be used for table cloths or for buntings some day.
I do have a few cloths (and valances) that fit nicely in a drawer.
 I love to use pieces of fabric, dyed flour sack dish cloths, or cloth napkins over the white cloths to add the color.
So I store them in a similar manner to the cloths.
Assorted pink fabric squares are stored in a box with other décor I used for the Valentine Dinner Dance décor here.  I know right where they are when I want them.
So, that's how I store table cloths - wanna see how I use them?
I  used black squares over white for our 3rd son's wedding in November 2008. 

(This was only days after our room was finished, so there is nothing on the walls in that back corner at that time.  I promise that it is full today.) 
It isn't visible in the photo, but the black is sheer fabric with white dots.  It's very lovely.
Then the runner is another strip of fabric (raw edges).
I love these candle chandeliers too, but the photos just don't show how beautiful this tablescape was.
I used this black fabric again for a graduation luncheon here.

  The dyed flour sack dish cloths were most recently used for a farewell here

They worked great for our extended family Thanksgiving gathering here.

Colored napkins work great too, I used them here.
For this wedding luncheon, for son #4 in 2010, we just used 12x12 paper squares and it was just what we needed - hard to see in this photo, but look closely. 
FYI - These water bottles turned out so cute, I wish I had a close-up photo of them on the tables.  I took the label off the water bottle, wrapped and tied a sheer ribbon around them and added beads to the bow area.  I had one left over, so I put it on a bottle I have.

and here are some green beads I have left over from those we used with the green ribbon.

 Burlap runners and doilies were used in the wedding for son #5, in  August 2011.


The same assorted pink fabric squares used for our Valentine Dinner Dance here, were used again for a dinner when our 6th grandchild was blessed. 
I didn't get a finished photo, but we scattered some salt water taffy around the tissue poms before the guests came.  (The poms were also used at the Valentine event.)

 Well, that's my table cloths, unless you count the quilts I use on tables for cloths, but that's another story.

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