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Monday, August 26, 2013

My Mainbath - part 4 - In Progress

What have I been doing?

I first posted about redoing our main bath on July 15th (Part 1 - Before)
I shared this lovely photo on Part 1

My second post was only a few days later on July 18th (Part 2 - Color),
and then
my To Do list for my bathroom was posted on July 22nd (Part 3 - To Do).

Posting those three posts so closely together might have led one to believe that I was on a roll and going to complete this task in a matter of days. 

Instead, it's over a month later and I'm sure viewers are thinking I have forgotten what I was doing.  
I assure you I have not.  I walk past that room many times daily and see my "slower goer" status staring back at me. (I'll spare you the list of things that I have been doing instead of working in the bathroom.  I will admit however, that I spent a few days just looking at the paint color we put on the walls and wondering if I really liked it.  It took me some time to make a decision on that.)

I have been working on it when I can, and you'll see in this post that I have accomplished a few things (remember that post 3 had just three things crossed off, and today you'll see a few more crossed off, unfortunately you'll also see a few things added).

Just to prove my progress, I have included a couple unfinished or "in progress" photos.  
- stronger ceiling fan,
- paint cover

remove wallpaper, (see this post)
- clean and repair ceiling

- paint ceiling,
(I'm liking the ceiling color - it's Valspar Spring Parade/Glossy) I do still need to work on the area above the shower.  I thought we would tile it so I left it, and then changed my mind to just repairing and repainting it. (purchased orange peel spray)

- paint walls,
(We used Valspar Playful Petal in a Gloss on most of the walls, but didn't care for the high gloss look, so the second coat was the same color in a Satin gloss, and we liked it much better. It looks less pink. Two accent walls were painted with Valspar Purple Hills, in a Gloss finish - it's a pretty color!) 

These photos don't really show the true color (it's hard to capture on camera), but there are three colors in the photos = ceiling (Spring Parade), main walls (Playful Petal), and darker accent walls (Purple Hills).

- paint baseboard and window frame,

- paint sink cupboard white(ish),
(in progress, using Valspar Hotel St. Francis Clay Angel, Satin gloss finish)

- finish wax cupboard,
- put handles on drawers and doors of cabinet,
paint the mirror changed to remove and replace mirror,
(purchased, waiting for sink to be completed first)
- remove old sink, replace sink and replace faucet,
(each purchased)
- replace back splash changed to replace countertop,
- tall stand beside sink  (if using stand from entrance, paint the outside a deep purple color and the inside a lighter color, and consider replacing wire in the cabinet doors with some glass, possibly pieces from frames.)
- remove cupboard at shower wall and set a cupboard/shelving unit there to store towels and misc,
- place a small unit under the window,

- change ceiling light,
(tried one and it wasn't what we wanted, so returned it and purchased another)
- change light over mirror,

- remove towel rack,
- purchase something like a quilt stand rack for the towels,
- put trim on floor in front of tub to help hold flooring in place,
- new floor mats,
- new shower and tub curtains,
- new window covering,
- replace electrical switches and outlets (and covers) with white,
Found these great looking covers at Lowes
FYI - The color of this wall is Playful Petal, and is the same wall as the light fixture shown above. This photo shows it a bit more true to actual paint color.
- accessorize!
That's what I have been doing! Well, some of what I have been doing.
And to be more truthful, hubby did the electrical work, after I did the shopping.
I do however, get to claim all of the paint work.  That is why it is taking so long. ;) 

It is a work still In Progress!

I have set no deadline, but hope to have it done soon. 
Let's see what this week brings. 

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