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Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Mainbath Redo - part 2 - Color

What colors to use?

We are keeping the gray countertop and tiles and the flooring will remain (it is white with gray lines).

We will be painting walls and cupboards and other furniture pieces.  Looking for fun, but relaxing color.

We were thinking blues -
So here are some blues and grays from The Creativity Exchange

And these from Favorite Paint Colors
 This aqua or turquoise blue/green from Sand & Sisal is beautiful and calming, yet happy  - a look we really like. 

We have made a bit of a change in our thinking, and
we are now thinking lavender...
with some accent colors ...

Here is a lovely lavender wall from Colormatch


decor8 shows these two rooms - the room on the left has the lavender walls and the blue rug - lavender and blue ..., that appeals to me.


I don't care for the bright yellow in this next picture, but I like the other two colors together.


Here is a lovely lavender wall from Apartment Therapy 
I like the additional colors here - though the brown surprises me.  I also need a bit more dusty or distressed green for the look I'm hoping to create.


This next room is a lovely combo from homedit.   I almost need to redo a bedroom to match this look.  We love it!  We just don't have a room that would look as lovely as this.

I like the back wall looking a bit beige - it seems to help calm the colors in the room and make it warm and inviting.
The color of the wall behind the door helps me see how a green piece of furniture would look against the wall,
 and the blue-ish throw on the chaise can help give an idea of a blue piece of furniture with this color combo.
The dark purple color in the pillows adds a lovely touch too.
The whites are a must!


Though it is too dark for what I am wanting, I like this wall with the texture or aged look, and the combination of colors from other things create a rustic and interesting look.


My Interior Inspirations shares this lavender room.
This lavender seems a little light, and the green luv seat seems a little dark, but I like the green wooden chairs, and of course, the white furniture. 


I love this shower curtain from Zillow
and the deeper purple frame on the mirror is awesome.


 A lavender or purple and green, and blue from The Decorologist
This includes black, but I think I like white a bit better for our smaller room.

While we are at it, look at this color combo (from the above site)

 Well, we've got some work to do.

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