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Monday, July 15, 2013

My Mainbath Redo - part 1 - Before

Our Main Bath Redo
What it was or the Before look:

Floral wallpaper ran around the lower portion of the walls ...
like this.
All of the wall paper was removed except for this wall before I thought to take pictures of the whole room, so this is what I'm left with.  I can't believe I did that.

I did however, remember one photo from our scrapbooks ...

my two youngest children in 1999 ... hair-do time!
It shows the wallpaper around the room.

Do you see that wallpaper?

I am so happy it's gone! 

So here it is - removed ...

It's kinda plain huh!
But it might look better than the wallpaper did on those walls?
We took the wall paper off a couple months ago, so this room has been sitting like this waiting for me to do something about it.

Other things came up!!!

I wanted the wallpaper changed, but there were other issues that needed change too - some peeling paint, an old sink, and it just needed a whole room change.

The shower seems to be our major problem area.
It's kind of in its own little cubby area so the steam and moisture doesn't escape very easily.
The fan is in front of the tub, and really should have been in front of the shower, because that is where the main moisture comes from, especially since the shower is what gets used so much.

Don't pay any attention to the black bag full of wallpaper in the tub (above) -  I didn't at the time I took the picture  :)
What to do?
I had high hopes of removing the shower and the wall and cupboard next to it, creating an open area for a cabinet/shelving unit and a fun chair, etc. It was looking pretty cool in my mind.
I planned on adding a shower to the tub - you know, where the fan is, even though I really don't like showers in tubs.  
But, the moisture has been a big issue for years, causing some ceiling and wall issues and I thought I should try to rectify that problem by putting the shower closer to the existing fan.
But ...
on second thought,
That room used to have 3 or 4 kids using it daily (or twice daily in some instances), and that much use can do some damage to a room - I have proof. Those kids used the shower most of the time ..., and too often it seemed that they took long hot showers ...,  
Here I was trying to solve the problem and then realized that I don't really have that problem anymore. 
I only have one child using it now, and that will only be for another year or so ...
So - Why do it?
Why spend all that energy and time and money to solve a problem that is already solving itself?  The problem was created a few years ago and I didn't do anything about it until now.  My fix doesn't need to go so deep, because my kids are fixing the problem by moving out. 
 (That is a happy thing in some ways and a sad thing in other ways.)
I am pretty sure that since there are so few people using that bathroom now, the problem is no longer a problem, especially since we already put a stronger fan in the ceiling.
I came up with, and I am very happy with
plan B!
I still want a different look in that room, but I can do it with a lot less work and money - still creating a different feel.
I was so excited to get started!
Slow and Steady was my mantra. (mostly the slow part)
More to come ...  
but here's a sneak peak at what you'll find in the bathroom after the redo is complete ...
I saw this set of canisters at Ross and I really wanted them to come home with me ...,  so they did,
and they have set around waiting for the right time and place. 
I am so excited for the change. 
It is long over-due.
But it's taking so much time ...
Slow seems to be the only part of my mantra that I am remembering.
there is still so much more to do ... 
But, I know it's going to be worth it!

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