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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Girls Camp Reminiscing

We have been thinking "Girls Camp" lately, because this is the week for it again for our girls - and my daughter is one of them, possibly attending her last camp as a youth.
It has reminded me of the fun times I have had as a leader at girls camp.  (I didn't go very often as a youth, because I usually had family visiting and chose to be with them instead.) 
My plan was originally to share one camp idea here today, but that plan evolved into sharing several of the themes and ideas.
(The last one is the one I was originally planning to share.) 
I will not share photos of the girls on this site so my photos are quite limited since most of them include the girls, but there are a few things I can share, especially for those I was more involved in. 
Maybe these themes will help others with ideas for their camps, reunions, parties, or other gatherings.  They have each been fun themes for us at girls camp.
You've Got a Friend In Me
- red bandanas & hats / Woody style
Be All That You Can Be
- army & camo style
- a lot of flags and red, white & blue banners
Daughters of Brightness 
- Native American style
- camp name was Village of Reflections
 - each of the girls and leaders chose a personal Indian name
- we created a reflection pool in our camp entrance
- dream catchers for everyone
- awards were Minipoka  (meaning Favored Children) Awards
- homemade key chain (using leather, feathers and beads) for each of the girls
Pirates of the Caribbean / In Search of Treasures of The Heart
- pirates style, of course
- started with a treasure hunt where the girls found a treasure chest to store their camp trinkets and favors or treasures
- made sock monkeys  
- created a place to "walk the plank" with a blow up alligator beside it
- "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also"
- created a message in a bottle
Disney World - Where Dreams Come True
"If it is to be ... It is up to me ..." was the main theme
- Disney characters
- displayed a large poster full of many great quotes from Disney movies and Walt Disney himself, and also compared some characters to traits that would be worth developing or worth staying away from.
(Shown below is a smaller 2 page version for each of the girls scrapbooks)
Here are some of those quotes:
"Have faith in your dreams and some-day your rainbow will come smiling thru, no matter how your heart is grieving if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true."  (Cinderella)
"All it takes is Faith and Trust"  (Peter Pan)
"Don't spend your time looking around for something you want that can't be found."  (Jungle Book)
"A man should never neglect his family ..."  (Walt Disney)
"Bring honor to us all!"  (Mulan)
"Never forget who you are or who's you are. It only leads to sorrow."  (Lion King)
First you must prove yourself brave, truthful, and unselfish .... You must learn to choose between right and wrong."   (Pinocchio)
"Now, you see, the world is full of temptations. Yep. Temptations."   (Pinocchio)
"Always let your conscience be your guide!"    (Pinocchio)
This is the poster created for our snack table at girls camp - more fun Disney quotes ... about food ... just for fun!

- We enjoyed themed devotionals, meals, activities, etc. - including :  
Once upon a time / Write your own story
 Princess party / Become the woman of your dreams
Hero party / You're Incredible!
Topsy Turvy
Pizza Planet
Mad Hatter party / un-birthday party
Heavenly Ever After
Happy Endings
Well, it's been fun to reminisce ...
thanks for sharing the time with me. 

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