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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kids Stuff

This post got started because of some fun things I found.  You'll see that it takes a turn to share some of the kids stuff I have around. 


Learn how to make a bracelet using craft sticks or tongue depressors here.


Here are some cute fabric letters to play with.  As seen at Tip Junkie.  I think they would nicely double as cute content in a basket, bowl, or tray on the sofa table - ready for the children to play with.  Kinda like a bowl of Scrabble tiles would do, only these would be large enough and safe enough for any children.  I just might have to make these for a container in my family room.  And, maybe I'll make some for the kids for Christmas????  That could be fun, but very time consuming - maybe one set per family would be better than one set per child - but I'd want to be sure they had enough letters to spell out each of their names at the same time.  Oh!  Maybe I'll just do the letters in their name for each child.  Hmmm!  I'm thinking .....!


I love having things setting out for the children. My grandchildren love the toys in the playroom, but they also love a few spots in my family room, like these:

This is mostly for the very small grandchildren - those who are just trying to hold on to things.  The beads however, are loved by all, and are a favorite toy almost every visit, by every child.

This tier of toys rests on a small table (with two chairs) that sits beside my loveseat, as an end table.  The table has a bowl of twist up crayons, a color book and children's magazines.  This is a fun spot for the kids once they get old enough to sit on a chair and scribble, and I love including a place for them with us.

This next basket of toys is a bit tricky for the tiny children, but is enjoyed by the toddlers and preschoolers.  It rests on an ottoman in front of one of the chairs in the family room.

This basket holds tiny rubber cars that fit inside those little plastic balls and roll down the tiny track.
The kids love them.

Next up is the bench of drawers I have in the family room.

The drawers are filled with misc. toys for toddlers and babies.  I love having it right out where we are, because the kids love being there with us and we love watching them.

Before we went to bed last night, after turning off all of the lights, my husband asked me if I had a candle burning.  I didn't, but upon closer inspection I found this look.   I have a little book shelf behind the sofa that is filled with children's books and puzzles.  The children love that place too.  The shelf has three drawers, one that is filled with odds and ends - kind of a junk drawer.  It houses a small flash light that our grandchildren often find.  The last couple visits have proven that our granddaughter currently loves using this flashlight, and this time she left it on inside this tin can.  It was a fun find for the evening. 

I have one more place for books - well, one more place for children's books, in the family room.  It's our old wagon beside the bench.

It too is a fun place.  One of the grandsons tried to pull it away once, but it's just too heavy and the back tire is bent so it's not very easy.  He didn't get very far, and now he knows not to pull it, so it's all good - he loves books though!


Recipe for Rolo stuffed snickerdoodle cookies from Rachel Shultz.
Rolo Stuffed Snickerdoodles by Rachel Schultz

Wait - maybe these aren't for kids ;),  But then, many of the things I own for my kids and my grandkids are really things for me too.  It kinda works that way.  I love what they will love, because what makes them happy makes me happy. 
Well, maybe not every thing that makes them happy makes me happy - my kids do have to turn off some of their music some of the time. ;)   But when we find something that makes us all happy ..., it's a happy thing!

Happy Day to you!

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