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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Father's Day Tablescape

I enjoyed creating a tablescape for Father's Day that was simple, masculine (well, at least not flowery and pink), and beautiful.  
I began thinking of what I'd use and wished I had purchased a new cloth and a centerpiece, but quickly realized I had enough and could put something together using only things that I already had.  
So I set out to complete that task.

I pulled out a piece of fabric I have previously used for a table cloth and then chose some linen napkins I had purchased several months ago but never used.  I began placing my most masculine looking plates on the table and then added goblets to match, trying to stay away from the pinks and purples.

My plate did have a pink flower on it, but the edge was a grey/blue color. (Men do need a touch of feminine at their side, and I love being at my husband's side ... insert smile here!)

The colors were earth tones - browns, gold/yellow/amber, greens, blues/greys/silver. 

For the centerpieces I pulled out some colored bottles and set them on vintage silver trays.  

I thought it was complete until I remembered that I had some Chick-O-Sticks and that they have been among my husbands favorite candy ..., so I placed one above each plate. 

Now it was complete ..., or so I thought.  
I realized as we all sat down at the table that it had not been complete until that moment.
Family is what made the difference, and having the father of my children, my husband, beside me on Father's Day was what made this day so special.

An End Note - many times we see a family at the table with the father at one end and the mother at the opposite end and all the others in between.  That has never appealed to us, so in our family it has been the father at the head of the table (and our table only has one head) and the mother beside him (see the flowered plate and the empty spot - I'm up taking a photo at this time, but promptly took my place beside him when that photo was complete)
That is the way it has always been for us - at church or on the sofa or anywhere usually - my husband and I next to each other and the kids sit beside us or around us ..., not between us!  

I love it that way!


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