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Monday, June 16, 2014

Baby Boy Shower

We had a fun baby shower under a tent in our back yard a few weeks ago.  One daughter in law planned it for another and her baby boy.  Here is a quick recap.

Here is the WELCOME sign/board -
It shows the theme for the event.

We purchased a tent and had fun putting it up.

She decorated the inside like this -
She also put some toy lions, tigers, and bears (that were spray painted gold) on the table centers too, but they weren't there when this photo was taken, but one can be seen on the closest table in the next photo.

Guests came and enjoyed the event -
We enjoyed the guests.

And here is the food  -
It's a Brunch!

We love boys!  We love girls too!  We welcome every baby and love our children and grandchildren.

Oh!  Here is our gift to our sweet grandson ...
They are from Amazon.  Can you tell I'm a Prime member?  ;)

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