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Sunday, February 2, 2014


He who stands for nothing will fall for anything.”
... stand firm for truth and righteousness.
Because the trend in society today is away from the values and principles the Lord has given us, you will almost certainly be called upon to defend that which you believe. Unless the roots of your testimony are firmly planted, it will be difficult for you to withstand the ridicule of those who challenge your faith. When firmly planted, your testimony of the gospel, of the Savior, and of our Heavenly Father will influence all that you do throughout your life. The adversary would like nothing better than for you to allow derisive comments and criticism of the Church to cause you to question and doubt. Your testimony, when constantly nourished, will keep you safe.
Esther, through fasting, faith, and courage, had saved a nation.
You will probably not be called upon to put your life on the line, as did Esther, for that which you believe. You will, however, most likely find yourself in situations where great courage will be required as you stand firm for truth and righteousness.


From a 2014 ME calendar I have.
(It's important that people know what you stand for and what you won't.)

Standing tall begins with our own conversion, for when we taste the gospel’s “exceeding joy” (Alma 36:24) we want to share it.
It is said that a fence-sitter eventually has to come down on one side or the other. If we are sitting on the top of life’s fences, now is the time to muster the courage to stand tall on the side of righteousness and shun the shackles of sin.
The life, ministry, and teachings of our Savior, Jesus Christ, provide a template for introspective assessment. Jesus Christ is our perfect example of one who always stood tall.
Stand up for truth in a world of sophistry.
 ... speak up for moral standards in a world where filth, sleaze, pornography, and their evil brood are sweeping over us as a flood.
Stand up for integrity in your business, in your profession, in your home, in the society of which you are a part.
Stand up for loyalty—to your associates, to your heritage, to your good name, to the Church of which you are a part.
... stand strong, even to become a leader in speaking up in behalf of those causes that make our civilization shine and that give comfort and peace to our lives.


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