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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Surrounded by Color

I really enjoy seeing the color tags added to pictures of the scenes that surround us.  They aren't necessarily things we see daily, but they are usually things of nature that are so lovely and I am so grateful for our God who gave us this wonderfully beautiful world in which we live and where we find these scenes that surround us.

I found color palette generator and used a photo I took earlier to see what I could come up with.  This is a scene we saw in November on our walk to the transplant clinic.  It was a beautiful thing to see each day and I decided to snap a photo of it so I could keep that look available to view as I wished.

I used that photo to come up with this




I like that sight - it's quite easy to use and the dull and vibrant color choices are lovely.  However, I do think the green they chose was a different green than I see in the photo.
Color Hunter is another site I found and they give a similar color scheme.  Again, the green is a bit different than what my eyes see, but is more true to what the computer is seeing as we compare the two sites.

One more site I have used before is Chip It! by Sherwin Williams.  I think the greens match best here, so this would be my favorite.  The first thing it shows is the first column of colors. It has a tab under that column that says Edit Colors, and when I clicked that tab it showed the second column of colors. 

 Image Color Picker allows you to click on the photo and find colors of each area of your photo.

I found a few other sites to check out, but haven't really taken the time to do so yet.  They are about color, but each offers something a bit different: 

and to see how you can use paint chips check out Colour Lovers
If you have used any of these and have any comments about them please leave a comment here or send me an email to share your thoughts.


Happy Color-ing!

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