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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Special Sock Snowmen

I know it's almost Thanksgiving, but keeping warm is important this time of year, and these snowmen seem to create a great and creative warmth.
About 30 years ago I created sock snowmen from baby socks (seen in this post) and loved having them hang on my tree. They were cute, but didn't seem as warm as these.
When I saw these snowmen from grandfathers socks I wished I had saved some of my kids grandfathers socks to create some of these adorable snowmen.  They are bigger than those I made years ago, and more loveable and squeezable, and warm.

Wanna make some?
Polly shares the how to, complete with photos, here.

Another look at sock snowmen can be found on this post.
This idea reminds me of the "Keep-Snake" we made from grandfather's ties. For those who do not like snakes, maybe these are a better type of keepsake. 

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