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Monday, December 17, 2012

Decorated Christmas Trees

I finally got my trees decorated!
Our pencil trees stood lit for a week without any decor, but they looked so great all lit up at night ... and all day too.  Our fresh tree stood for several days without lights or decor, but it smelled so sweet.
Finally I pushed myself all day Saturday to get those trees decorated.  Alas, the job is done.  Too worn out to take photos, I postponed that for this morning.
Here they are:
Inspired by this topper from my mother-in-law ...
I decided to make one tree a sort of vintage tree, using only what I have already, which isn't much, but I'll add to it thru the years ...
The elf was from my mother-in-law too.  The drummer boy and two bulbs were from my mother when she got rid of some of her ornaments several years ago. 
This is from the loving people at Hospice who helped us care for my mother-in-law before she passed away (Jan. 2012).  We do miss her and my father-in-law (who passed away July 2011).  I love pulling out the few Christmas things I have that remind me of them. Delightful!

A favorite tree is my nativity tree, decorated with things about the Holy Family, Jesus, angels, and faith ...
I have a felt nativity that I don't add to my nativity tree, but I did use it on a small tree ...

My tallest pencil tree is decorated a bit rustic ...
Another tree is sort of jewel tones ...
One last tree is for a few snowmen (and the like) ...
The little red bows are some I made for our first Christmas, many years ago.
Now, the real or fresh tree ...
It's filled with assorted ornaments we've acquired over the past 32 years, and include the sentimental ornaments people have given us.   
The things on the wall are a bit distracting, but I didn't want to try to store them somewhere, so they remain.
Wow, nothing like taking all day to get this post completed.  The good thing is, I haven't set here all day, I've only spent a few minutes off and on throughout the day, in between the other things I've completed, like wrapping dozens of presents and taking them to the post office to mail them to the kids and grandkids.  Now, I'd better wash my dishes and get dinner ready. 
It feels so good to have the decorating done and the presents mailed.
Merry Christmas!

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