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Monday, November 25, 2013

Grateful Garland ..., Bottled Blessings ..., Grateful Hearts

I think it would be fun to do something unique with our Thanks Giving moments on Thanksgiving Day.  Some families take turns telling each other one thing they are thankful for as they sit around the table.  I have posted (here) about a vase we filled throughout the month with pieces of paper rolled up in a clear vase, each had something that we were thankful for written on it. 
It's always good to be thankful.
Here are some ideas that I thought were fun and exciting and different than I have done before. They are not in any special order, and I haven't yet decided which is my favorite. When selecting these ideas I had in mind that dinner guests would each participate in the giving of thanks, but this could be done as a daily or weekly thing through the month of November, or just once at the beginning of the month and then used as décor for the rest of the month.  Here are some great ideas.
Grateful Garlands 
Let each guest write something they are grateful for on a piece of cloth or ribbon or tag or other item and tie it to a string or rope or ?, creating a garland.
I found this look on Pinterest.

and this next look is found here

Thankful Tree
This idea comes from Simply Vintage Girl.

The Cooke Family showed her version of a Thanksgiving Tree, and had this cute bowl of paper tags too.

Hanging Mobiles
Write on each of the leaves and hang on a mobile like this one from Enjoying The Small Things

Paper Spinner
Create a spinner - make the opening whatever size you need for the number of guests you have, and let each guest turn the spinner to find a place to write one thing they are grateful for. The host could then read each at the table if you so choose.  This look is from Tip Junkie

Grateful Board or Wall Display
Each guest could write on a chalk board with chalk, or on a poster board or sheet of paper with a marker. From This and That Creative

Or write on pumpkins and place them in a frame to display like this from My Blessed LifeInstead of PUMPKINS written at the bottom it could say THANKS or GRATEFUL.

Place mats
Simple paper place mats make a great place for each guest to write on. Seen on pinterest

Bottled Blessings
Much like I did with our vase of blessings, fill a jar like this from Martys Musings.

The good old paper chain garland can be a fun idea too. This can be seen on Pinterest. It could be strung in the middle of the table to add to the décor.

Give Thanks!

The Tablescaper has a nice look using a name card look.

Maybe you would like to give each a little match book notebook that they can take home, and make sure you tell them you are thankful for them on the first page, and maybe add one of their awesome character traits or talents that you like about them. Their names could be written on the front of the matchbook or on a tag attached to it so each gets his/her own book.  These are seen on Lasso the Moon

buy them - like these from Easy

or make them like these made from paint chips as seen Hardly Housewives

FYI - years ago I bought some from OTC, but I looked today and only found these on a quick look, but they could be covered with pretty paper.

Maybe you'd like a different book, like these cute homemade books seen The Long ThreadIf you choose, each guest could decorate their own as part of the activities of the day.

Okay, this might be my favorite, mostly because I like the idea with these hearts.  It is very thoughtful and creates thoughtfulness within your family.
I posted it here, not to be used the way they use it at Lasso the Moon, though I love that way, but to give each of your guests a heart. Maybe you could pin a tag to it with something written on it that would tell them how thankful you are for them. But, don't overlook the way they use these hearts, because it's pretty awesome! It's a great way to help create A Grateful Heart.

Happy Thanks Giving!
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