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Saturday, June 15, 2013

More Pantry Love and a Book Nook

I really like this look ... REALLY LIKE IT! - saw it on pinterest.
The chalkboard cupboard fronts could be used to write down what is being stored behind the doors. 


Décor Chic shows us The Great Pantry Makeover -
The Pantry was this ...

and became ...
These turntables look pretty strong and seem to be a great addition to this pantry.


Not a pantry, but kitchen cupboards above the sink, raised to a different level than those on either side of the window.  Nice look and great place to store some stuff, from BHG.
 Window Dressing

Not a pantry, not a kitchen, but a great closet turned book nook from here.
Maybe it's not food or kitchen items that are in need of a space right now, maybe it's books, and this is a great way to create usable space ..., if you have an extra closet space to give up.
Or, maybe you can just knock out some wall space and use some of the room behind the wall.  (I guess it all depends on how needed the space behind the wall might be.) 
Book nook (© Courtesy of Susan Jay Design)

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