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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Berry Baskets/Boxes

I have seen and love the look of berry boxes used for lunch boxes.
Berry boxes are great for berries, of course.
This look comes from Easy

1 Dozen Berry Baskets - Pint Sized - Strawberry basket

They look great with cookies too, from here.

They are great for salads - info can be found in a previous post here,

I have a few purple berry boxes from several years ago - purchased with fruit in them, but I don't remember anything more than that.

They have some berry stains  and are a bit faded around the rim, but I love the color of these purple berry boxes.  I could spray paint them to clean them up, or wrap a ribbon around the part that is stained.  
Check out the painted boxes and the ceramic and plastic boxes I shared about in a previous post here.
I have searched for these berry baskets/boxes (online) and have found a few sites that sell them.  I'm sharing what I  have learned; from where they can be purchased and what the prices are.
(shipping is not included in any of the prices listed here) 
(This info is as of August 2013 - of course all this may change)
I haven't seen purple in my search for berry boxes (except for some ceramic here and here), so these are all the green or turquoise color. 

Bake It Pretty - 6 pint size for $3.75.

The Party Studio - 5 pint size for $4.00.
Kara's Party Ideas - 10 for $4.40.
Shop Sweet Lulu - 10 pint size for $5.00.

Rose Paper Products - 600 1/2 pint size for $49.03, 420 pint size for $35.90.
Zurchers - 10 (looks like pint size) for $4.47.
Amazon - 420 pint size for $33.95, 250 quart size for $33.95.
I'm sure there are more sites out there, but this is what I found - send me a comment or email if you have found a great deal some where else.


Look what I just found -
A Tutorial for Fabric Berry Boxes at Noodlehead


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