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Monday, March 25, 2013

Picnics and Parties

Here are a couple cute looks worth saving for later.

I love using boxes instead of plates for serving food ... this look is from JDC
I tried boxes once (here) and really had some fun with it, and helped with another (here).


Here's a salad served in berry boxes.
From Thoughtfully Simple
(check it out to see where to purchase them)

If you wanna see a little more about berry boxes check this out.
And learn how to make a similar look using a paper plate here.
A few ideas can be found at this post -  they used bowls to serve the picnic food in - so cute. I love the look, though it would be a bit more spendy to purchase enough cute bowls for a large crowd.

Fun jean vase covers from Something Green
I love the colors used here!
I love the outdoor dining!
... this whole look is adorable ...


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