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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Berry Baskets

I have eyed these ceramic berry baskets many times and thought they were adorable, but the price has kept me from purchasing them.  The colors are so springy and delightful though, and the look brightens up a kitchen, a picnic, or many other events.  They are just so fun!
Danielle, at 2 Little Superheroes, found some at Michael's.

These melamine berry baskets are from World Market.
These next baskets have the fun colorful look, but without the high prices.
I saw these at Knock Off Decor, but the DIY is from Pondered Primed Perfected

Here is one more fun colorful look for berry baskets of a different sort. From Hip Hostess

I think this post is making me anxious for spring.  Just look at those fun spring colors ..., and just think of those yummy fresh home grown berries.  Ahhh!

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