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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Quilts I'm Lovin'

These quilts are among the

Stuff I'm lovin'

pretty pink baby quilt from Ingrid Barlow
 I love the not-so-straight stitch quilting here. Tutorial found at Katie Did
Easy Modern Quilt Tutorial {Beginner}


The gray quilt above reminds me of a quilted pillow I found a long time ago, here, (and I still don't know where it comes from, but I love it).


I also like the first quilt on this next photo - seen at Apartment Therapy
I like the look of the three different quilts together too ..., and on a built in porch makes it a lovely place for grandchildren to share some time together at their grandparents house ...,  Oh a lovely thought!
And, the three chairs as end tables, filled with books and snacks is another cute idea.

Pinned Image


I find the collection of colors in this quite fun.  Imagine the fun pop of color that could be added in lamps, frames, vases, flowers, and other items in the room. From Garnet Hill

Emily Quilt and Sham


I have had this photo in my file for a long time now, but haven't been able to find it again to name the source, but decided to add it here, because I saw it again, this time on Pinterest, and they give the source as 100 Layer Cake, but clicking that link doesn't take you straight to the quilt on the tree. I was so hoping to find that correct link straight to the quilt.  Maybe someday!

anyway ...,  the quilt on the tree and in the box is a fun look for the right occasion

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I love quilts!

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