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Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Prom Dress Story, part 2

A Prom Dress Story Part 1 is found here, and tells a bit about the modest making of this dress - putting sleeves on a strapless prom dress.
Part 2 is the big reveal - the wearing of the dress, with the before and after photos.
The first wearing of this prom dress was for a prom in Wenatchee that the LDS church puts on for the youth.  It's a formal dance just like a prom, but there is no need for a date, just come and enjoy.  Several of our youth went to it, and had a great time.
Here is my beautiful daughter wearing her lovely dress, just a quick snap shot (that we almost forgot) on her way out the door.
Now the promised before and after photos. 

After all the worry and frustration and hard work, I was very pleased with the way things turned out.
Now, we are on the hunt for a pair of shoes she can wear with it for the next prom.  That prom is our high school prom that a friend asked her to.  Lucky that this dress gets to be worn twice.  That's usually not the case for a prom dress. 
A few facts:
- The dress was bought from David's Bridal.
- We bought two dresses (one to wear and one to use the fabric for the sleeves).
- These were the only two dresses of this kind and color.
- We had gone to the store and looked at dresses, finding a coral dress that we thought we'd come back for if we found nothing else anywhere else.
- We went back to the store to get the coral dress.  Found this, tried it on, LOVED IT!  Bought it!
- Each dress was originally $199.00. 
- Each dress was marked 50% off.
- Each dress then had $20.00 off.
- Our total for two dresses was less than the original price of one dress, and less than any single dress we saw anywhere else.
- This is the color of the dress we wished we could have purchased from an on-line site we found, but it was $479.00, and experience has told us that it would surely have been too low cut in the front.
WE ARE HAPPY with our final results.

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