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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy First Day of Spring!
I put my Easter Decor up!  Woo Hoo!  I think it's done!
Wanna see it?  I'll share!
First -
I have wanted to paint my shelves in the entrance hall.  They are so dark and it's hard to see things in them (maybe it's my eyes too, but I wanted to brighten it up some). 
(The furniture is mostly empty because I was getting ready to put Easter decor up.)
Hubby really likes the wood look and thinks it destroys the look if I paint over that beautiful wood. I planned on leaving the largest, lightest wood unit (on the right) the way it is.  Hubby gave it to me several years ago and I wouldn't dream of "ruining" his gift to me. 
I like wood look too, but it's so dark, and it's everywhere in my home.  What to do? 
(Okay, so the photos above don't show how dark it seems - it was a nice sunny day when I took the photo, and the flash of the camera brightens it, so it's not helping me make my point.  
Still, I wanted to lighten things up.  I've wondered about painting the whole piece, painting just the inside of the shelf areas, or painting the whole piece two colors - one for the outside and one for the inside (like a couple I've shown here and here).
I decided that before I paint I will try a less "destructive" and permanent approach.  I like to please my hubby! (really though, I'm not sure that paper pleases him either, but ..., at least I didn't paint them ... yet!)
You can tell it's still a bit dark, but it's a colorful dark. 
And did you see that chick bowl - love it!
(don't mind the fallen drawer pull on the sewing stand - it's just an oversight on my part - gotta get that fixed.  I'll probably do it backwards - take the photo, post the photo, then fix the silly thing.  Oh bother!)
My inspiration was from here.
I just used paper from my scrap pile (except the larger pieces in the largest armoire).  That way I wouldn't destroy my whole sheets of paper - especially since I wasn't sure if I'd like it.
I've done something similar before, with only one style and color of paper, but this idea intrigued me, and with spring in the air I needed to try it.
(and, side note - I love that bowl on the second shelf - love it!)
Well, I'm feeling happy that my Spring and Easter decor is up, and it's more cheery and colorful inside.  I'll love it for the rest of the month and then decide again what to do with those dark pieces of furniture.  Hmmm!
Oh, here is how I finished the look on my game table, where I showed the berries stems in yesterday's post.
And, just for fun, I'm adding a few other looks in my Easter decor:
This other cute little chick bowl sits on my sofa table.  I like to have candy in bowl, but it's too tempting and messy for the grandchildren, so I put something else in the bowls to let them play with.  This time it's these cute bead necklaces  in fun Easter/Spring colors (Akleigh especially loves necklaces).

 I have a table with two chairs beside my love seat that the grandkids can use.  It houses paper, crayons and children's magazines (Auger especially loves this table).  For this season it also houses these cute bunnies.
Nest  Next up, is this collection of bunnies and other stuffed animals (of the Easter and Spring variety) nesting together in a large basket on a chair. It's an old chair from a grandparent that I don't like to have used too much anyway, so this fits there perfectly.
(okay, there is one non-animal in the mix - it's a jellybean ..., and I love Jelly Belly for sure!)

Lovin' the day!
Lovin' the holiday!
Lovin' the color!

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