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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easter and Spring Decor

Wood decor kits from Pebbles in my Pocket
... so cute and colorful! 

List your spring or Easter favorites on a board and display it like this one found at A Little Tipsy


or create this wooden banner seen at The Happy Scraps


Flowers in boots are always a cute look to help welcome spring.

from doozie

rubber boots, fresh flower arranging, arrangement of flowers, floral, polka dot green rubber boots with flowers in them, yellow rose, orange lily, Have you thought about anything wonderful today?


If I had a cute pair of boots I would have put these flowers in them.

or these .... this look isn't complete yet. 
I'm still trying to get Easter decor out and not sure what will happen with this area, but I love these pink berries.

Did you notice the boots filled with flowers in the background? Probably not! (it's so dark)  I'll show them close up.
They have been there awhile and are still partly filled with the flowers originally put in them for my father-in-laws funeral, July 2011.  I have stuffed a few other things in as the real flowers died. They are not colorful boots, but real work boots worn by that special man.

there is a cute little nest tucked away in the foliage

Now, back to more color -
a fence adorned with boots filled with flowers?
here, in an earlier post.



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