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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Beautiful Blue Stuff

Stuff I'm lovin'

Just take a look at these Beautiful Blues.
A lovely look - Blue and Pink (and white) from Daisy Pink Cupcake



Blue Kitchen from House of Turquoise

Or maybe blue walls would appeal to you more than blue cupboards.  From House of Turquoise.
And, how about two refrigerators right in the kitchen?  Great idea if you have space enough for it.

and it doesn't look like this place is hurting too much for space


Just a touch of blue from House of Turquoise


There are so many shades of blue ... lovely shades ... and many look nice together.

and look at these two colors of blue

Clarendon Street eclectic hall

- - -

from House to Home


from Etsy

Cobalt Blue Aqua Blue Turquoise Teal Glass Bottles Green Beach Wedding Starfish Seashells Charm Diffuser Vase


from Green Wedding Shoes


 These blues (with the white) are a beautiful combination of nature.
from The Perfect Palette

So lovely!

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