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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Built in Beds

Stuff I'm lovin'
 includes built in beds. 

They certainly have their place ..., depending on the place.
This, seen at Beachcomber, make a great seat or bed for every time of the day. Dual purpose is great!
And ..., a bit more detail and storage ability, but a little more bed like (which means it probably would be too hard to use for seating), from HERE

Great storage and great beds seen at Poetic Home 

There are 7 looks there.

- - -

And possibly one of my favorite is this one from Aiken House and Gardens.
Isn't it beautiful! The color sceme, the textures, the whole thing!


and here is a corner you cannot see in the first photo - it includes a great little shelf


Here is another look found at Houzz
I didn't spend enough time to see them all, but I did look at a few pages and know that it would be a great place to go for ideas if I was seriously considering creating some built in beds.


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