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Monday, January 21, 2013

Cleaning the Office

Ohhh!  I have oodles of paper stuff filed away in the office.   Some of it is so cute.  Some of it useful.  Some of it is just saved stuff.  So I've decided to purge those files and get rid of the things I have not used in years and see no reason to use in the near future.  If I need it some time I'll just wish I had it and then move on to something else. I WILL BE OK!  Most of it is preschool stuff anyway and I no longer teach preschool ..., haven't for many years ..., and don't want to start again now. 

I began my purging project last week and it's been working pretty well.  Except, this project is an extension of a bigger project - cleaning and purging the office.  That poor room has taken a beating over the past year (or more) and needs an overhaul.  I'm tired of seeing the clutter and tripping over things in there.
Sorry! No photos of the cluttered office - it's just too cluttered. If I posted a photo it would be among my most embarrassing moments ..., or my most humiliating.
I will share this that my oldest son gave me many years ago:

There are things in the way that need a place, but I have no place for them right now, so I have started in a strange way.  I'm working from the inside out.
One thing I am sure of is that I have too much paper stuff!  We have four file cabinets lined up against each other, and three of them are filled with my stuff. YIP ..., TOO MUCH STUFF!
I am removing an armful of folders at a time, taking them to a soft place to sit, looking thru each, removing what I do not want anymore, and returning what I do want.

I am not doing the complete purge right now, but I am removing a lot of stuff.  I'm freeing up space for some other stuff before I get into too much detail.  At a later time I will return to those files and organize and label them as needed.
Here is something I found in my files, and share here because it fits so well -

Love it!
I'm creating several piles as I purge, which means more purging later, but I'm feeling so pleased with the beginning steps. 
Pile 1 -
Save the look or idea onto my blog (then get rid of that paper).

(So, I'll be posting some stuff from my files throughout the year ..., it's gonna take me awhile to get thru that stack, but I'll enjoy doing it when I have some time. All of the future posts that contain things from my files will be be under the label From My Paper Files.)

Pile 2 -
Items to be put in a different place (like color books, activity books, idea books that were filed under themes).

When I've gone thru all my files I'll decide where to put it or maybe I'll give the book away ..., it'll be one of the easiest piles to sort through.

Pile 3 -
Items that will, for sure, be given to my children and grandchildren if they want it ...,

folders of things ... too many to count ... I probably have six stacks just like this one ...

 activities and info  ...  of all kinds and for many themes ...

magazines about animals ... I remember enjoying these things everytime they arrived ...

(I certainly don't want to clutter anyone elses homes, but there are some really cool and useful things ..., I just don't have young children anymore and I don't do preschool anymore, so someone else might enjoy them.)

Pile 4 -
Garbage for sure!
(I'll spare you the photo here ..., especially since we took it to the dumpster this morning.)
 I did fill one garbage bag out of two cabinets that I have completed so far. YEAH!
Pile 5 -
The last pile is for things I don't know what to do with right now.  I'll spend more time later going through them to determine their destiny. They will end up in one of the above piles, put on a shelf, or stuffed back into a folder in the file cabinet. 

It's been fun looking through things and finding things that remind me of good times and hard work.

Things that I have colored and cut and laminated. 
Things that my children have doodled or created.

I'm off to a good start and hope to see some improvement in the room soon.  I haven't got much time each day to spend on it right now, but a couple hours is better than nothing.  Maybe in a couple weeks I'll free up some more time and see some more visible improvement.
I love a good start!
One more thing I found in my files (a clipping cut from a magazine sometime):

Happy Day!  I'm a great housekeeper! :)

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