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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Fair Game

Here are several ideas for our family fair that were on my secret pinterest board.
Jam Booth isn't a secret, but the flavors might be for awhile.
Jams (just a look - recipe options follow)
Award winning Jams
Caramel apple jam
Caramel Apple Jam Recipe
Dreamsicle Jam from Kelli's Kitchen
Buttery Caramel Apple Jam Recipe
 or food.com uses coconut in their recipe
Games and activities
build a shishkaball ball-drop for backyard games
Large Jenga (I have a few of these blocks already)
Country Fair Farm Outdoor Wedding http://martamayphotography.co.uk/


Deluxe Limbo Kit with Base 
 Hoop Shots (someone is doing bucket ball, so this might not be as fun)
shooting a basketball
Crawl Under Bars Flag RaceCrawl Through Arches

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