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Friday, September 27, 2013

door mufflers

I found this idea on pinterest a few days ago and thought it was worthy of note.
A door muffler for keeping things quite while your baby is sleeping - or in my case while my husband is sleeping.
Baby's Room DOOR MUFF - open and close your baby's room door without making a noise.  BRILLIANT!!!!!
Sometimes it is the turning of the knob and opening the door that is loudest when peeking in on them or going into the room they are in for something you need. This would certainly help reduce that noise.
I feel so terrible when I wake him up like that.
Now I need a muffle for my dishes as I wash them ... ya, right!
I just don't wash them.  ;)
That is to mean, I try not to wash them while he is sleeping.
Latchy Catchy in Teal Chevron Dot -Reversible (Patented)
It looks like these things were being sold on Etsy.
I don't have a lot of pins for baby things, but I did pin this idea onto my Baby Stuff Pinterest Board
There are so many cute things and ideas available, but I'm kinda out of the baby stage (at least on the daily basis, like I was when all my kids were small and under foot). My how times change! 

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