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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Great Looks for the Great Outdoors

More looks from my paper file system ...
These looks are for the yard ... the great outdoors!

Here is a great path in the yard,
From Better Homes and Garden March 2010 magazine
Brick patio and lovely yard - there are many lovely things to look at here.
from Better Homes and Garden June 2010 magazine

Another great yard area - this one has a cute little house beside it's dining area, and the cute house has some cool flower boxes, and ..., just keep looking at this area, onto the second page too, to see all the great looks this has to offer. 
from Better Homes and Garden September 2009 magazine
Now for an apple tree fence line - awesome!
They "planted the trees on a trellis system [they] designed..., joined them like they were holding hands..., and pruned and trained them using a method called espalier, to grow horizontally as a fence shape, called a cordon."
from Better Homes and Gardens September 2009 magazine
I can see why I saved these looks - awesome huh! 

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