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Friday, May 17, 2013

Vintage Weddings

Vintage is possibly my favorite look.  It can combine with most any other look to create a beautiful and complete look. I think Boho fits nicely with Vintage - they can be quite similar when using neutral and washed out colors.
Click on Weddings Galore-y at the right to see all the weddings I've posted - the majority are vintage.
On this post I hope to not show any that I have previously shown, so be sure to take at look at that Galore-y because there are some beautiful vintage weddings there.
A great vintage wedding can be found at Elizabeth Anne Designs.
I don't know what is hanging on those strings from the tree - any ideas???

 From Riverside Cottage 
"Natural settings are hugely popular for the beauty and ambiance that they provide & the minimal decor that is required."
It is a lovely look - indoors or out, but outdoors does seem to be a bit more appealing to me.  Such a cute hanging ornament / votive holder, especially against the textures of the tree bark and sheer swag. Beautiful.


Trees can be a great focus point - just look at the way they use this tree, here.
bohemian wedding ideas

French inspired vintage weddings at Weddings With a Touch of Vintage.
There are beautiful soft colors here. 
Green Wedding Shoes shows this Age Inspired Love Story.
I like this cake.  It's simple and charming.
wedding dessert table cake and sweets
vintage wedding decor books camera letters farm
Vintage French Wedding Inspiration from Green Wedding Shoes.
Vintage is a mix and match much like boho - but I think I might have already said that...
just married bunting
vintage table
Bird cages are often a part of vintage weddings.  Glendalough Manor Bride has several looks.
Candles add to the vintage look too, and those votives hanging from the tree look so fun - I wish I could see them for real.

More candles in glass jars, hanging from trees.  From OneWed.
so lovely!

Great Cake from here.
Ah! Buttons! 

Elizabeth Anne Designs shares this look.
Barns are vintage, old things are vintage..., and this wedding speaks vintage. Can you hear see it?
10 Tips for a Vintage Wedding here.
So lovely!
From Weddings by Lilly.
This setup is lovely - the different areas, the rock walk and wall, the blues, the pinks, the whites..., it's such a great look.

How about some vintage books on some rustic(ish) brick?  From Simple is BeautifulThis is simple and beautiful.

Vintage Wedding Goodies shares these ideas (and more).
The flowers in these cones are a great look, and displayed in that beautiful glass makes them even more lovely.  I'm guessing that the brown paper and lace creations are favors (maybe pillow boxes) and they are lovely too.
vintage embellished cones
vintage wedding favour boxes
A lovely vintage look from Lia's Bridal Lounge.
Notice the paper pages table runner.  And, I love the photo time line.
More great looks here
Lace ..., lovely lace! 
I absolutely love these tablecloths!!!!!
Oh, my goodness, I'm coveting a little here - shame on me!  I'm thinking I should learn where these cloths came from.
From la Belle Bride
vintage wedding decor
and have you ever dressed up an orange like this, or seen one dressed like this?  Kinda cute huh!

From The Vintage Singer.
More paper cones and flowers.
Vintage Doors from The Plunge Project.
Old doors are always cool.  How about that door hanging with rope, creating a great table!!!  It might move a bit as you are eating at it, but it would only make things more interesting.

Many vintage weddings include old suitcases in display.
From Wish Vintage Rentals.
This look is so lovely. I do love the suitcases..., and the flowers....
Post image for Welcome


Isn't the color of this suitcase lovely!  From Casamenteiras.


This is a bit familiar, but I don't recall if I have shown it before, so I'm taking a chance and posting it here, because I just don't want to forget it.
From Vintage Blossom.
Love the tablecloth and the chair.
I'm pretty sure I haven't shown the bottles and twigs - they are awesome too.


That ruffled table cloth setup comes from this wedding at Green Wedding Shoes and includes these too. 
Of course I love the assorted glassware, and I also love the doily cloth, the cherries in the candy bowl, the flowers/greenery on the plate.

lilac wedding details


The colors and patterns of this assortment of dresses would make lovely bridesmaid attire.
From examiner.com.
I must say that I don't like the cleaver or bugs jewelry, especially for a wedding, but then this wasn't posted on their site for a wedding.
Vintage Style


Here is some vintage fabric from Paper Blog - (you'll have to translate it if you wanna read it.)
I do love ripped fabric garland.
Decoración de buffet  vintage


Vintage vehicles are often used in vintage weddings.  There are a few ideas at Society Bride.
It makes a fun photo op.

even bikes!


Great backdrop area from Wedding Bee. 


What a wonderful flower cart from Elizabeth Anne Designs


Okay, I guess I've got to stop somewhere!
Vintage!  It's just so lovely!

One last thing -
Rustic Wedding Chic has a post about the Top 10 Vintage Weddings.
This is one of them - and yes, I almost forgot - boots and baby's breath are definitely included in some vintage weddings.
 Bridesmaids in different color cowboy boots

You might want to take a peek at each of those 10 weddings so you don't miss out on things like this
 and this
country wedding flowers

 and this
 and this
 and this

 and ..., I should stop ..., really stop!

Um! one final note: those last few were a great fall and winter look weren't they!

okay, I'm done!
for now!
But I'm sure that vintage will keep showing up in future posts.


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