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Monday, April 15, 2013

Party Ideas and Bonnie Oscarson and The Good Fairies ...

I found some fun looks on Bonnie Oscarson's Party Ideas pinboard, and needed to save some of them.
Here are a few of my favorites (that I haven't already seen and saved).
I do not know Bonnie Oscarson, but have recently been introduced to her pins - and have decided that she is a great person to follow ..., for her pin boards and for her example and counsel. (read a little about her here, and about her and her family here)

These fun swirls can be purchased from Shindigz - it looks like a fun place for party supplies.
(or as suggested on pinterest - cut your own out of poster board)

I like this look too.  Garlands are a big favorite of mine - the streamers hanging for this backdrop are so cute.  I love the different shapes, and of course the pinks are pretty.  And, that saying on the wall "What to be is up to me!" has been a favorite of mine for many years now.
I found it really interesting that she had a few pins with balloons and streamers similar to this next photo - when I see them I'm just sure she has the thought of using this idea with all of the Young Women Value colors ( ... I would!). 

Aren't these fun crowns - that I don't usually have a need for, with an older daughter instead of a younger daughter, but again, I see these used as beautiful decor for a lovely Young Women Event.

Because of my days of blanket tents on the clothes line, in my childhood years, I have become a fan of the fun tent and canopy looks found these days.  This is another fun canopy look - outside, with balloons surrounding it.  One fun note with this pin (and the real reason I am saving this look) was to use golf tees to hold the balloons down on the ground.  I'm not a golfer, so I probably wouldn't have thought of that.

Here is a fun favor idea, or lunch idea ...
Boxed milk and donuts.  I love fun and creative boxed lunches for a great picnic - or in this case a great favor for a couples party.

I think I've seen this look before, but don't know if I saved it, so I'm saving it here - napkin ring menu card.  This is also a fun idea for a great quote or wish or fun fact displayed for the guests.
Fun way to create your own candle holders with lamp shades.
Here is a cute garden party look.

Now, just because I think it's cute, I've added this one last photo I saw here.  Bonnie Oscarson has pinned it on her Funny Stuff Board, which has some really cute funny stuff - worth taking a peek at.
And, something else I found, tracking this cute pin - Unlimited Tator Tots, a blog belonging to her daughter, and a great post about her experience when her mother was called.

And, FYI, Elaine S. Dalton is on pinterest too - no party board, but other great looks she has saved - I love her Quotable Quotes Board.


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