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Monday, April 1, 2013

Our Easter Tablescape

Our Easter tablescape wasn't fancy, but it was fun to put together.
And oh how I loved the sunshine on that beautiful day!
I have wanted to use assorted China for a table setting for a long time now, and have been collecting some pieces for it.  I finally got to use them for our Easter meal, and though it was simple and almost plain, it was beautiful to me.  (I do wish the table cloth was a bit more bright and yellow in color, but I didn't want a really bright yellow, so this was it.)
Each plate was different, but I didn't have enough glassware to do have each different.  Maybe someday!  I am not done collecting this stuff.  I would have loved place mats, but my desire to not purchase more right now kept me without.  I'm okay with that!  I loved it anyway.
The age of the plates seemed to echo the fact that the Atonement is here for everyone throughout all time, and all ages.  The different designs seem to remind me that each individual person, no matter our differences, is loved by our Savior and blessings await all who follow and come unto Him.  He is no respecter of persons. 
I'm gonna do this again some day!
I found the striped glittery styrofoam eggs at Ross' and that was the only purchase I made for this setting, except the fabric used for the tablecloth. I started pulling out other things that I had and putting them together.  I thought it was lovely ..., then I saw the photo and it makes me wonder if it was as nice as I thought, cause it doesn't seem so in the photo.
It was fun anyway!
Now, here are the only eggs we colored this year -
The two on the left were done by my daughter and represent the two sons we have out serving a mission for our church.  One in Nevada and one in Pennsylvania. (the eyes and mouth on those two were stickers)
The egg on the right was done by my son - and is representing his father. 
Fun stuff!
We had a great Easter and felt joy and happiness throughout the day as we thought of the special reason for this holiday.
Here's hoping you had a great Easter day too!

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