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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Knowledge is Power / Move a Pinterest Board

You've heard the saying KNOWLEDGE IS POWER ...
Knowledge Is Power
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Well, I learned something the other day and it did empower me.
This new knowledge wasn't anything profound and you probably already knew it, but it sure made things easier for me.
So, what was it that I learned? 
I learned that you can drag and drop your pinterest boards to alphabetize them. 
This new knowledge has made finding my boards much easier when I try to search for one. 
Knowledge Is Power But Action Gets Things Done
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 "Knowledge is power but action gets things done."
I just got so frustrated one day trying to find one of my boards and decided to click and drag a board to see if I could move it ...,  and it worked!   Now it is much less time consuming and much less frustrating.
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