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Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Sunday

We had a beautiful day!  Hope yours was lovely too!  Here is the only photo of our tablescape, taken just before I headed to bed Saturday evening.  Maybe you can tell that I'm still lovin' the vintage plates and stemware. 

This was another time when I just used what I had and made it work.  Why spend more money on things and then try to find a place to store them?  I keep trying to ask myself that question so I don't go out and purchase what I might think I want and then be frustrated as I try to make room somewhere to store it, wondering if I'll ever really use it again.  What I have is enough!  for now anyway :) 
I moved the flowers a bit and removed the black serving mat from the table Sunday and it looked even better.  The flowers were a gift and fit nicely on our Easter table. 

Happy Easter!  let us always remember the wonderful gift of immortality and eternal life that the Savior, Jesus Christ has given us.

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