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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Single Bed Room = Tender Mercy

Today is A Grateful Heart Thursday, where I share one positive thing that happened this week - a happy thing, a kind thing, a tender mercy, a small and simple something that happened, bringing a smile to my face and to my heart, helping me recognize the hand of the Lord in every minute of my life.

My husband had to spend the night in the hospital after a sinus surgery.  They had warned me that the hospital didn't allow people to stay the night with the patients unless they were in a single bed room, but they didn't have very many single rooms, so I was concerned ..., all day long ....
They called me back to walk to his room with him after surgery and they took us into a single bed room. I could have cheered right then and there, but I resisted the urge.
I even had a chair that pulled out into a bed for the evening.  It was hard but better than just a chair. They gave me a pillow, a sheet and a few blankets, so that was very nice.

We walked around the hall of that wing for his exercise several times and were able to see the other rooms.  Many had four beds, many had two, but as we think back on it we cannot think of any other single bed rooms on that wing, but there were a couple rooms with closed doors, maybe those were single bed.  But we got one! 
This room was a Tender Mercy for sure!
I am so grateful for it. 
This ended up being a really tough day for other reasons I cannot explain and I really needed to be with Terry to visit about some things and just be together.  This room helped make things better.
Being with my husband is always a blessing.  So ..., TWO BLESSINGS IN ONE DAY!  ;)

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