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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wedding Decor

We had some time to kill one day while waiting for an appointment, and enjoyed looking at some wedding décor.
We took a few pictures to remind us of the looks we saw. The photos aren't very good - we were using a phone and just sitting and visiting while we snapped a photo here and there. We just wanted to remember the look not take a perfect photo.

In this photo we liked the crystal garland (not the bigger white garland, but the smaller double swag behind it).
Though not very noticeable, there is a gazebo (with some greenery) in the left of the photo, and we really liked that too.

This next photo shows a large bookcase or shelving unit with decorative hooks attached to the upright boards and a chandelier hanging from one of them.  I liked that idea, and it looked better in the room than it does in the photo.
Another thing in the next photo is the white bark branches - they too looked better than they do here.

We also liked the painted cement floor seen in the above photo and this next photo. (sorry, phone photos just can't make the look as appealing as it really is.)

Then there was this backdrop - quite lovely.

The sheer fabric had been sewn to create vertical tubing or casing all the way across the width (with the seams running vertically). Then each tube had a strand of lights threaded through it. 
(I probably didn't explain that very well.)

It looked quite lovely when it was plugged in.

These were just a few looks we wanted to save because they were so lovely.
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